Wavefront shaping techniques in complex media

[tutorial] Modes of step index multimode fibers



Scattering media were the first type of "complex media" for which wavefront shaping techniques were applied. Quickly, applications were developed for multimode fibers as well. One can consider multimode fiber as a complex media; because of its inherent modal dispersion (different modes travel at different speeds) and also because of the possible coupling between modes, the output field of the fiber does not resemble its input one. Wavefront shaping in multimode fibers has had a fast development because of its applications in biomedical endoscopic imaging and for telecommunications, where the exploitation of the spatial modes in multimode fibers offers a promising way to increase data rates compared to single mode fibers. 

I present here a quick tutorial on the calculation of the modes of a step index multimode fiber and how to find the so called linearly polarized modes, that are convenient for manipulation using shaping techniques.


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