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2020Improving Depth Sensitive Fluorescence Spectroscopy With Wavefront Shaping by Spectral and Spatial FilteringC.-M. Hsieh, M. Verma and Q. LiuIEEE Access
2019Imaging through scattering media via support vector regressionH. Chen, Y. Gao, X. Liu and Z. ZhouOptics CommunicationsPDF
2019Measurement of Spectral Transfer Matrix of Few-Mode Fibres by Using Coherent Linear Optical SamplingF. Ito, T. Arakawa, D. Lida and T. Manabe2018 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC)
2019Imaging through scattering media using semidefinite programmingH. Chen, Y. Gao, X. Liu and Z. ZhouJournal of Biomedical Optics
2019Ultrasonic sculpting of virtual optical waveguides in tissueM. Chamanzar, M. G. Scopelliti, J. Bloch, N. Do, M. Huh, D. Seo, J. Iafrati, V. S. Sohal, M. R. Alam and M. M. MaharbizNature CommunicationsPDF
2019Selective femtosecond laser ablation via two-photon fluorescence imaging through a multimode fiberE. Kakkava, M. Romito, D. B. Conkey, D. Loterie, K. M. Stankovic, C. Moser and D. PsaltisBiomedical Optics ExpressPDF
2019Transmission Matrix Measurement of Multimode Optical Fibers by Mode-Selective Excitation Using One Spatial Light ModulatorS. Rothe, H. Radner, N. Koukourakis and J. CzarskeApplied SciencesPDF
2019Remote key establishment by random mode mixing in multimode fibers and optical reciprocityY. Bromberg, B. Redding, S. M. Popoff, N. Zhao, G. Li and H. CaoOptical Engineering
2019Effective iterative method for accurate amplitude modulation in complex optical field generationJ. Chen, D. Zhang and Q. ZhanOptical Engineering
2019Focusing and scanning through scattering media in microsecondsD. Feldkhun, O. Tzang, K. H. Wagner and R. PiestunOpticaPDF
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