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2020Wavefront Shaping for Fast Focusing Light through Scattering Media Based on Parallel Wavefront Optimization and Superpixel Method*Y. Ding, X. Lv, Y. Jia, B. Zhang, Z. Chen and Q. LiuChinese Physics Letters
2020Implementation of an Off-Axis Digital Optical Phase Conjugation System for Turbidity Suppression on Scattering MediumK. Zhang, Z. Wang, H. Zhao, C. Liu, H. Zhang and B. XueApplied Sciences
2020Sensitivity analysis of Raman endoscopy with and without wavefront shapingL.V. Amitonova and J.F. de BoerOptics Express
2020Endo-microscopy beyond the Abbe and Nyquist limitsL.V. Amitonova and J.F. Boerarxiv2001.08986v1
2020Simultaneous turbulence mitigation and channel demultiplexing for two 100  Gbit/s orbital-angular-momentum multiplexed beams by adaptive wavefront shaping and diffusingR. Zhang, H. Song, Z. Zhao, H. Song, J. Du, C. Liu, K. Pang, L. Li, H. Zhou, A.N. Willner, A. Almaiman, Y. Zhou, R.W. Boyd, B. Lynn, R. Bock, M. Tur and A.E. WillnerOptics LettersPDF
2020Large-Scale Optical Reservoir Computing for Spatiotemporal Chaotic Systems PredictionM. Rafayelyan, J. Dong, Y. Tan, F. Krzakala and S. Giganarxiv2001.09131v1
2020Optimal Coherent Beam Combining Based on Multi-Plane Light Conversion for High Throughput Optical Feeder LinksA. Billaud, F. Gomez, D. Allioux, N. Laurenchet, P. Jian, O. Pinel and G. Labroille2019 IEEE International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications (ICSOS)
2020Tailoring complex wavefront of scattered light via wavefront shapingP. HongJournal of Optics
2020Non-invasive optical focusing inside strongly scattering media with linear fluorescenceD. Li, S.K. Sahoo, H.Q. Lam, D. Wang and C. Dangarxiv2002.01260v1
2020OTSLM toolbox for Structured Light MethodsI.C.D. LentonComputer Physics Communications
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