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2011Controlling Spatial Coherence in Multimode FibersF. Kong, N.V. Proscia, K.K. Lee and Y.C. Chen Proc. Adapt. Opt.
2011Time Reversal in Subwavelength-Scaled Resonant Media: Beating the Diffraction LimitF. Lemoult, A. Ourir, J. de Rosny, A. Tourin, M. Fink and G. LeroseyInt. J. MSTPDF
2011Imaging through an opaque materialS. Gigan, S. M. Popoff, G. Lerosey, R. Carminati, M. Fink and A.C. Boccara Proc. Novel Techniques in Microscopy
2011Scattering optics resolve nanostructureJ. Bertolotti, E.G. van Putten, D. Akbulut, W.L. Vos, A. Lagendijk and A.P. MoskProc. SPIE
2011Optimal focusing In Situ: new routes for optical trapping and BiophotonicsT. Cizmar, M. Mazilu, K. DholakiaProc. DH
2011Nanoscale optics: Random resolutionW.S. BacsaNat. Nanotechnol.
2011The mode-locking transition of random lasersM. Leonetti, C. Conti and C. LopezNat. Photon.PDF1304.3652
2011Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into tissue-mimicking media with thickness up to 70 mean free pathsH. Liu, X. Xu, P. Lai and L.V. WangJ. Biomed. Opt.
2011Reflection-mode time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into turbid mediaP. Lai, X. Xu, H. Liu, Y. Suzuki and L.V. WangJ. Biomed. Opt.
2010Scattered light fluorescence microscopy: imaging through turbid layersI.M. Vellekoop and C.M. AegerterOpt. Lett.PDF
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