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2009Optimal Transmission of Light through Disordered MaterialsA.P. MoskProc. FiO
2009Discrete focusing in an optical fiber with a two-dimensional square array of coupled waveguidesE. Suran, F. Louradour, A. Barthélémy, A. Kudlinski, G. Martinelli, Y. Quiquempois and M. Douay Opt. Lett.
2008Phase control algorithms for focusing light through turbid mediaI.M. Vellekoop and A.P. MoskOpt. Commun.PDF0710.3295
2008Universal optimal transmission of light through disordered materialsI.M. Vellekoop and A.P. MoskPhys. Rev. Lett.PDF0804.2412
2008Demixing light paths inside disordered metamaterialsI.M. Vellekoop, E.G. Van Putten, A. Lagendijk and A.P. MoskOpt. ExpressPDF
2008Spatial amplitude and phase modulation using commercial twisted nematic LCDsE.G. van Putten, I.M. Vellekoop and A.P. MoskAppl. Opt.PDF
2008Optical phase conjugation for turbidity suppression in biological samplesZ. Yaqoob, D. Psaltis, M.S. Feld and C. YangNat. Photon.PDF
2007Focusing coherent light through opaque strongly scattering mediaI.M. Vellekoop and A.P. MoskOpt. Lett.PDF0604253
20072-D PSTD Simulation of optical phase conjugation for turbidity suppressionS.H. Tseng and C. Yang Opt. ExpressPDF
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