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2018Scattering correlations of time-gated lightM. Kadobianskyi, I.N. Papadopoulos, T. Chaigne, R. Horstmeyer and B. JudkewitzOptica
2018Imaging through scattering layers exceeding memory effect range with spatial-correlation-achieved point-spread-functionL. Li, Q. Li, S. Sun, H.-Z. Lin, W.-T. Liu and P.-X. ChenOptics Letters
2018Adaptive quantum optics with spatially entangled photon pairsH. Defienne, M. Reichert and J.W. FleischerarxivPDF1804.00135
2018Scattering-assisted localization microscopyM. Leonetti, A. Grimaldi, G. Ruocco and G. AntonacciarxivPDF1804.01511
2018Generation of optical vortex array along arbitrary curvilinear arrangementL. Li, C. Chang, X. Yuan, C. Yuan, S. Feng, S. Nie and J. DingOptics Express
2018Selecting appropriate singular values of transmission matrix to improve precision of incident wavefront retrievalL. Fang, X. Zhang, H. Zuo, L. Pang, Z. Yang and J. DuJournal of Optics
2018A reference-defining criterion for light focusing through scattering media based on circular Gaussian distribution of speckle background intensityB. Zhang, Z. Zhang, Q. Feng, C. Lin and Y. DingScientific Reports
2018Highly parallel, interferometric diffusing wave spectroscopy for monitoring cerebral blood flow dynamicsW. Zhou, O. Kholiqov, S.P. Chong and V.J. SrinivasanOptica
2018High-precision joint amplitude and phase control of spatial light using a digital micromirror deviceL. Liu, Y. Gao and X. LiuOptics Communications
2018Beam-Forming Transmission Enabled by Transmitter-Side MIMO Using Spatial PilotsH. Chen, N.K. Fontaine, R. Ryf, S. Chandrasekhar, B. Huang and P. Winzer2017 European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC)
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