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2017Speckle-based hyperspectral imaging combining multiple scattering and compressive sensing in nanowire matsR. French, S. Gigan and O.L. MuskensOptics Letters
2017Large-field-of-view imaging by multi-pupil adaptive opticsJ.-H. Park, L. Kong, Y. Zhou and M. CuiNature Methods
2017High power, ultrashort pulse control through a multi-core fiber for ablationD.B. Conkey, E. Kakkava, T. Lanvin, D. Loterie, N. Stasio, E. Morales-Delgado, C. Moser and D. PsaltisOptics Express
2017Learning-based focusing through scattering mediaR. Horisaki, R. Takagi and J. TanidaApplied Optics
2017Four-element division algorithm for focusing light through scattering mediumZ. Cheng, F. Long-Jie, Z. Jian-Hua, Z. Hao-Yi, G. Fu-Hua and P. LinActa Physica SinicaPDF
2017Improving Focal Photostimulation of Cortical Neurons with Pre-derived Wavefront CorrectionJ.M.C. Choy, S.S. Sané, W.M. Lee, C. Stricker, H.A. Bachor and V.R. DariaFrontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
2017Wide-field imaging through scattering media by scattered light fluorescence microscopyY. Zhou and X. LiOptical Review
2017Measuring the Reflection Matrix of a Rough SurfaceK. Burgi, M. Marciniak, M. Oxley and S. NauyoksApplied Sciences
2017Measurement of vector transmission matrix and control of beam focusing through a multiple-scattering medium based on a vector spatial light modulator and two-channel polarization holographyY.-Y. Xie, B.-Y. Wang, Z.-J. Cheng, Q.-Y. Yue and C.-S. GuoApplied Physics Letters
2017Impact of Scattering on Holographic Approaches to Recovering Latent Scene Information from Scattered LightA. Viswanath, P.V. Rangarajan, I. Sinharoy, D. MacFarlane and M.P. ChristensenImaging and Applied Optics 2017 (3D, AIO, COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)PDF
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