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2018UltraFast Optical Imaging using Multimode Fiber based Compressed Sensing
and Photonic Time Stretch
G. Wang, C. K. Mididoddi, F. Bai, S. Gibson, L. Su, J. Liu and C. Wang1803.03061v2
2018Perspective: Wavefront shaping techniques for controlling multiple light scattering in biological tissues: Toward in vivo applicationsJ. H. Park, Z. Yu, K. R. Lee, P. Lai and Y. K. ParkAPL PhotonicsPDF
2018Enhanced deep detection of Raman scattered light by wavefront shapingA. M. Paniagua-Diaz, A. Ghita, T. Vettenburg, N. Stone and J. Bertolotti1807.10682v2
2018Matrix optimization on universal unitary photonic devicesS. Pai, B. Bartlett, O. Solgaard and D. A. B. Miller1808.00458v1
2018Precise Localization of Multiple Noncooperative Objects in a Disordered Cavity by Wave Front ShapingP. Hougne, M. F. Imani, M. Fink, D. R. Smith and G. LeroseyPhysical Review LettersPDF
2018Mode conversion via wavefront shapingA. Daniel, X. B. Song, D. Oron and Y. SilberbergOptics ExpressPDF
2018Non-invasive imaging through strongly scattering media based on speckle pattern estimation and deconvolutionZ. Wang, X. Jin and Q. DaiScientific ReportsPDF
2018Rapid measurement of transmission matrix with the sequential semi-definite programming methodZ. Zhang, B. Zhang, Q. Feng, H. He and Y. DingChinese Physics B
2018Experimental Results of a 3D Millimeter-Wave
Compressive-Reflector-Antenna Imaging System
W. Zhang, A. Molaei, J. Heredia-Juesas, L. Tirado, K. Graham, A. Bisulco, H. Gomez-Sousa and J. A. Martinez-Lorenzo1808.06540v1
2018Focusing through scattering medium: a fundamental trade-off between
speckle size and intensity enhancement
E. Edrei and G. Scarcelli1808.07830v1
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