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2019Non-Line-of-Sight Three-Dimensional Imaging with a Single-Pixel CameraG. Musarra, A. Lyons, E. Conca, Y. Altmann, F. Villa, F. Zappa, M. J. Padgett and D. FaccioPhysical Review AppliedPDF
2019Perturbation of Transmission Matrices in Nonlinear Random MediaA. Fleming, C. Conti and A. Di FalcoAnnalen der PhysikPDF
2019Single-pixel imaging of the retina through scattering mediaR. Dutta, S. Manzanera, A. Gambín-Regadera, E. Irles, E. Tajahuerce, J. Lancis and P. ArtalBiomedical Optics ExpressPDF
2019Phase-optimization wavefront shaping simulations in two-dimensional scattering media based on Maxwell s equationsF. Ott, B. Krüger and A. KienleOptical Coherence Imaging Techniques and Imaging in Scattering Media III
2019On the use of deep learning for computational imagingG. Barbastathis, A. Ozcan and G. SituOpticaPDF
2019Memory effect evaluation based on transmission matrix calculationM. Li, L.-J. Fang and L. PangChinese Physics B
2019Focusing and polarized modulation of a laser passing through a multi-core fiberL. Wu, W. Fan, Z. Chen and J. PuOptical Review
2019Reconfigurable beam system for non-line-of-sight free-space optical communicationZ. Cao, X. Zhang, G. Osnabrugge, J. Li, I. M. Vellekoop and A. M. J. KoonenLight Science ApplicationsPDF
2019Modulating quantum fluctuations of scattered lights in disordered media via wavefront shapingD. Li and Y. Yaoarxiv1907.10285v1
2019Optimization of compensation for high spatial frequency in distorted wavefront using optical phase conjugationP. Zhang, D. Liu, A. Yang and J. ZhuChin. Opt. Lett.
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