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2019A scanning-free wide-field single-fiber endoscopic image retrieval method based on optical transmission matrixC. Xu, B. Zhuang, Y. Geng, H. Chen, L. Ren and Z. WuLaser PhysicsPDF
2019Photoacoustic Wavefront Shaping with High Signal to Noise Ratio for Light Focusing Through Scattering MediaJ. Sun, B. Zhang, Q. Feng, H. He, Y. Ding and Q. LiuScientific ReportsPDF
2019Continuous amplified digital optical phase conjugator for focusing through thick, heavy scattering mediumY. W. Yu, C. C. Sun, X. C. Liu, W. H. Chen, S. Y. Chen, Y. H. Chen, C. S. Ho, C. C. Lin, T. H. Yang and P. K. HsiehOSA ContinuumPDF
2019Transmission Matrix Inference via Pseudolikelihood DecimationD. Ancora and L. LeuzziarxivPDF1903.05379
2019Fast compensation for arbitrary focusing through scattering mediaL. Zhan, D. Liu, A. Yang, J. Miao and J. ZhuApplied OpticsPDF
2019Rapid wide-field imaging through scattering media by digital holographic wavefront correctionR. Li, T. Peng, M. Zhou, X. Yu, P. Gao, J. Min, Y. Yang, M. Lei, B. Yao, C. Zhang and T. YeApplied Optics
2019Scattering Assisted ImagingM. Leonetti, A. Grimaldi, S. Ghirga, G. Ruocco and G. AntonacciScientific Reports
2019Control the normalized polarization ratio of a focal spot in speckle field formed by non-polarization-maintaining multimode fiberW. Fan, Z. Chen, Z. Gezhi, L. Chen, X. Wang and J. PuJournal of Optics
2019Wavefront Shaping of Spatially Entangled Photons Scattered by Dynamic Random MediaO. Lib, G. Hasson and Y. BrombergQuantum Information and Measurement (QIM) V: Quantum Technologies
2019Manipulating the transmission matrix of scattering media for nonlinear imaging beyond the memory effectM. Hofer and S. BrasseletOptics LettersPDF
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