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2018Silicon Chip-to-Chip Mode-Division MultiplexingJ.M. Baumann, E.P. da Silva, Y. Ding, K. Dalgaard, L.H. Frandsen, L.K. Oxenløwe and T. MoriokaOptical Fiber Communication Conference
2018Mode measurement of few-mode fibers by mode-frequency mappingH. Zhou, Q. Zhu, W. Liang, G. Zhu, Y. Xue, S. Chen, L. Shen, M. Liu, J. Dong and X. ZhangOptics Letters
2018Extended depth-resolved imaging through a thin scattering medium with PSF manipulationX. Xie, H. Zhuang, H. He, X. Xu, H. Liang, Y. Liu and J. ZhouScientific Reports
2018Selectively exciting quasi-normal modes in open disordered systemsM. Davy and A.Z. GenackarxivPDF1803.01514
2018Minimally invasive multimode optical fiber microendoscope for deep brain fluorescence imagingS. Ohayon, A. Caravaca-Aguirre, R. Piestun and J.J. DiCarloBiomedical Optics Express
2018Image reconstruction through thin scattering media by simulated annealing algorithmL. Fang, H. Zuo, L. Pang, Z. Yang, X. Zhang and J. ZhuOptics and Lasers in Engineering
2018UltraFast Optical Imaging using Multimode Fiber based Compressed Sensing and Photonic Time StretchG. Wang, C.K. Mididoddi, F. Bai, S. Gibson, L. Su, J. Liu and C. WangarxivPDF1803.03061
2018Transmission matrix approaches for non-linear fluorescence excitation through multiple scattering mediaM. Mounaix, D.M. Ta and S. GiganarxivPDF1803.07198
2018Towards anti-causal Green?s function for three-dimensional sub-diffraction focusingG. Ma, X. Fan, F. Ma, J. de Rosny, P. Sheng and M. FinkNature Physics
2018Applications of multimode fibers for spectroscopy and polarization controlH. CaoOptical Fiber Communication Conference
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