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2018Characterization of an imaging multimode optical fiber using a digital micro-mirror device based single-beam systemL. Deng, J. D. Yan, D. S. Elson and L. SuOptics ExpressPDF
2018Neural Network classification for intensity imaging through multimode optical fibresP. Caramazza, R. Murray-Smith and D. FaccioImaging and Applied Optics 2018 3D AO AIO COSI DH IS LACSEA LSC MATH pcAOPPDF
2018Nonlinear imaging through a Fermats golden spiral multicore fiberS. Sivankutty, V. Tsvirkun, O. Vanvincq, G. Bouwmans, E. R. Andresen and H. RigneaultOptics LettersPDF
2018Statistical Description of Transport in Multimode Fibers with
Mode-Dependent Loss
P. Chiarawongse, H. Li, W. Xiong, C. W. Hsu, H. Cao and T. Kottos1806.11149v1
2018Adjustment of laser scattering focus with machine learningZ. Haoyi, Y. Zuogang, F. Longjie and L. ShirongLaser PhysicsPDF
2018Two-Photon Lensless Micro-endoscopy with in-situ Wavefront CorrectionU. Weiss and O. Katz1807.04110v1
2018Deep learning the high variability and randomness inside multimode
P. Fan, T. Zhao and L. Su1807.09351v1
2018Bayes theorem-based binary algorithm for fast reference-less calibration of a multimode fiberT. Zhao, L. Deng, W. Wang, D. S. Elson and L. SuOptics ExpressPDF
2018Imaging through glass diffusers using densely connected convolutional networksS. Li, M. Deng, J. Lee, A. Sinha and G. BarbastathisOpticaPDF
2018Fast transmission matrix measurement of a multimode optical fiber with common path referenceR. Florentin, V. Kermene, A. Desfarges-Berthelemot and A. BarthelemyIEEE Photonics JournalPDF
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