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2019Coherent control of light for non-line-of-sight imagingI. Starshynov, O. Ghafur, J. Fitches and D. Faccioarxiv1908.04094v1
2019Scanning a focus through scattering media without using the optical memory effectB. Mastiani, T.L. Ohn and I.M. Vellekooparxiv1908.08436v1
2019Non-Invasive Imaging Through Scattering Medium by Using a Reverse Response Wavefront Shaping TechniqueS. Abhijit, K. Yuval, S. Nadav, G. Eran, S. Moshe and Z. ZeevScientific Reports
2019Wavefront superposition method for accurate and efficient mode conversionT. Maeda, A. Okamoto, K. Ogawa and A. TomitaApplied Optics
2019Wavefront shaping in complex media with a 350kHz modulator via a 1D-to-2D transformO. Tzang, E. Niv, S. Singh, S. Labouesse, G. Myatt and R. PiestunNature PhotonicsPDF
2019Measurement of spectral transfer matrix for DMD analysis by using linear optical samplingY. Osaka, F. Ito, D. Iida and T. Manabe2019 24th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference (OECC) and 2019 International Conference on Photonics in Switching and Computing (PSC)
2019Use of Scattering Layer as a Programmable Spectrum FilterL. Wan, X. Ji, R.K. Singh, Z. Chen and J. PuIEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
2019Towards smart optical focusing: Deep learning-empowered wavefront shaping in nonstationary scattering mediaY. Luo, S. Yan, H. Li, P. Lai and Y. Zhengarxiv1909.00210v1
2019Coherent Imaging Through Multicore Fibres with Applications in EndoscopyG.S.D. Gordon, R. Mouthaan, T.D. Wilkinson and S.E. BohndiekJournal of Lightwave Technology
2019Optimized sensing in complex scattering environments by wavefront shapingD. Bouchet, R. Carminati and A.P. Moskarxiv1909.02501v1
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