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2019Direct observation of the spin-orbit coupling interaction in ring-core optical fibersS.D. Johnson, Z. Ma, M. Padgett, S. Ramach and . ranarxiv1908.08252v1
2019Optimal Light Fields for Micromanipulation in Complex Scattering Environments M. Horodynski, M. Kühmayer, A. Brandstötter, K. Pichler, Y.V. Fyodorov, U. Kuhl and S. Rotter Frontiers in Optics 2019
2019Measuring the Transmission Matrix of a scattering medium using Epi-Fluorescence lightE. Premillieu and R. Piestunarxiv1909.07955v1
2019Efficient light focusing through an MMF based on two-step phase shifting and parallel phase compensatingH. Chen, Y. Geng, C. Xu, B. Zhuang, H. Ju and L. RenApplied Optics
2019Parallel fault-tolerant programming of an arbitrary feedforward photonic networkS. Pai, I.A.D. Williamson, T.W. Hughes, M. Minkov, O. Solgaard, S. Fan and D.A.B. Millerarxiv1909.06179v1
2019Time of Flight Based 3D Imaging Through Multimode Optical FibresD. Stellinga, D.B. Phillips, A. Selyem, S. Turtaev, T. Cizmar and M.J. PadgettFiO 2019
2019Physical Layer Security in Multimode Fiber Optical NetworksS. Rothe, N. Koukourakis, H. Radner, A. Lonnstrom, E. Jorswieck and J.W. Czarskearxiv1909.08535v1
2019Wavelength dependent characterization of a multimode fibre endoscopeT. Pikalek, J. Tragardh, S. Simpson and T. CizmarOptics Express
2019Slab Waveguide-to-Fiber Coupling based on Multiplane Light ConversionY. Zhang, H. Wen, S. Fan, H. Liu, R. Sampson, N. Wang, S. Pang, P. LiKamWa and G. LiFrontiers in Optics Laser Science APSDLS
2019Non-Invasive Imaging Through Scattering Medium by Using a Reverse Response Wavefront Shaping TechniqueA. Sanjeev, Y. Kapellner, N. Shabairou, E. Gur, M. Sinvani and Z. ZalevskyScientific ReportsPDF
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