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2019Noninvasive imaging through a thin scattering layer using coded phase masksS. Mukherjee, A. Vijayakumar and J. RosenDigital Holography and Three-Dimensional Imaging 2019
2019Measuring the Topological Charge of Orbital Angular Momentum Beams by Utilizing Weak Measurement PrincipleJ. Zhu, P. Zhang, Q. Li, F. Wang, C. Wang, Y. Zhou, J. Wang, H. Gao, L. C. Kwek and F. LiScientific ReportsPDF
2019Limited Feedback and Interpolation of Principal Modes in Spatially Multiplexed WDM Fiber LinksJ.C. Jacob and K. Appaiah2018 International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications (SPCOM)
2019Mode multiplexing using Principal Modes in Few-mode Fiber Links with Delayed FeedbackJ.C. Jacob and K. AppaiahIEEE Communications Letters
2019Vector focusing through highly scattering media via binary amplitude modulationQ. Zhao, Z.-Q. Wang, P.-P. Yu, Y.-M. Li and L. GongApplied Physics Express
2019Inverse Scattering via Transmission Matrices: Broadband Illumination and Fast Phase Retrieval AlgorithmsM. Sharma, C.A. Metzler, S. Nagesh, O. Cossairt, R.G. Baraniuk and A. VeeraraghavanIEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging
2019Optical trapping in vivo: theory, practice, and applicationsI.A. Favre-Bulle, A.B. Stilgoe, E.K. Scott and H. Rubinsztein-DunlopNanophotonics
2019Non-invasive light focusing in scattering media using speckle variance
A. Boniface, B. Blochet, J. Dong and S. Giganarxiv1906.01574v1
2019Research on iterative method of wavefront reconstruction for imaging through turbid mediumZ. Cheng, X. Yuan, X. Zhang, F. Gao and B. Xiong14th National Conference on Laser Technology and Optoelectronics (LTO 2019)
2019Readout of fluorescence functional signals through highly scattering
C. Moretti and S. Giganarxiv1906.02604v1
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