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2019Physical Layer Security in Multimode Fiber Optical NetworksS. Rothe, N. Koukourakis, H. Radner, A. Lonnstrom, E. Jorswieck and J.W. Czarskearxiv1909.08535v1
2019Wavelength dependent characterization of a multimode fibre endoscopeT. Pikalek, J. Tragardh, S. Simpson and T. CizmarOptics Express
2019Slab Waveguide-to-Fiber Coupling based on Multiplane Light ConversionY. Zhang, H. Wen, S. Fan, H. Liu, R. Sampson, N. Wang, S. Pang, P. LiKamWa and G. LiFrontiers in Optics Laser Science APSDLS
2019Non-Invasive Imaging Through Scattering Medium by Using a Reverse Response Wavefront Shaping TechniqueA. Sanjeev, Y. Kapellner, N. Shabairou, E. Gur, M. Sinvani and Z. ZalevskyScientific ReportsPDF
2019Near-perfect measuring of full-field transverse-spatial modes of lightM. Hiekkamäki, S. Prabhakar and R. Ficklerarxiv1909.01685v1
2019Waves, modes, communications, and optics: a tutorial and D.A.B. MillerAdvances in Optics and Photonics
2019Disordered Optics: Exploiting Multiple Light Scattering and Wavefront Shaping for Nonconventional Optical ElementsJ.H. Park, J. Park, K.R. Lee and Y.K. ParkAdvanced MaterialsPDF
2019Programmable SCOW Mesh Silicon Photonic Processor for Linear Unitary OperatorL. Lu, L. Zhou and J. ChenMicromachines
2019Optical scheme for cryptographic commitments with physical unclonable keys and G.M. NikolopoulosOptics Express
2019Bat algorithm-enabled binary optimization for scattered light focusingZ.Q. Wang, Q. Zhao, P.P. Yu, J.M. Yang, Y.M. Li and L. GongApplied Physics ExpressPDF
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