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2018Non-invasive imaging through strongly scattering media based on speckle pattern estimation and deconvolutionZ. Wang, X. Jin and Q. DaiScientific ReportsPDF
2018Rapid measurement of transmission matrix with the sequential semi-definite programming methodZ. Zhang, B. Zhang, Q. Feng, H. He and Y. DingChinese Physics B
2018Experimental Results of a 3D Millimeter-Wave
Compressive-Reflector-Antenna Imaging System
W. Zhang, A. Molaei, J. Heredia-Juesas, L. Tirado, K. Graham, A. Bisulco, H. Gomez-Sousa and J. A. Martinez-Lorenzo1808.06540v1
2018Focusing through scattering medium: a fundamental trade-off between
speckle size and intensity enhancement
E. Edrei and G. Scarcelli1808.07830v1
2018Nonlinear imaging through a Fermat s golden spiral multicore fiberS. Sivankutty, V. Tsvirkun, O. Vanvincq, G. Bouwmans, E. R. Andresen and H. RigneaultOptics LettersPDF
2018Electric field Monte Carlo modelling of transmission matrix of turbid mediumF. Cai and J. GuoJournal of OpticsPDF
2018Focusing light through random scattering media by simulated annealing algorithmL. Fang, H. Zuo, Z. Yang, X. Zhang and L. PangJournal of Applied PhysicsPDF
2018Programmable Multiwavelength Achromatic Focusing and Imaging through Scattering MediaIEEE Photonics JournalPDF
2018Wavefront shaping in complex media at 350 KHz with a 1D-to-2D transformO. Tzang, E. Niv, S. Singh, S. Labouesse, G. Myatt and R. Piestun1808.09025v1
2018High-speed alignment optimization of digital optical phase conjugation systems based on autocovariance analysis in conjunction with orthonormal rectangular polynomialsA. S. Hemphill, Y. Shen, J. Hwang and L. V. WangJournal of Biomedical Optics
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