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2019Mode demultiplexing hybrids for mode-division multiplexing coherent receiversH. Wen, H. Liu, Y. Zhang, P. Zhang and G. LiPhotonics Research
2019Dual-polarization analog optical phase conjugation for focusing light through scattering mediaZ. Cheng, J. Yang and L.V. WangApplied Physics Letters
2019Angular-spectrum modeling of focusing light inside scattering media by optical phase conjugationJ. Yang, J. Li, S. He and L. V. WangOpticaPDF
2019Deep neural networks for seeing through multimode fibersE. Kakkava, N. Borhani, C. Moser, D. Psaltis, K. Goda and K. K. TsiaHighSpeed Biomedical Imaging and Spectroscopy IV
2019Recent Advances in Mode-Multiplexed Transmission over Multimode FibersR. Ryf, N.K. Fontaine, S. Wittek, K. Choutagunta, M. Mazur, H. Chen and J.C. Alvarado-ZacariasConference on Lasers and Electro-Optics
2019Matrix approach of Full-Field OCT for volumetric imaging of an opaque human corneaP. Balondrade, V. Barolle, L.A. Cobus, K. Irsch, C. Boccara, M. Fink and A. AubryImaging and Applied Optics 2019 (COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
2019Learning-based lensless imaging through optically thick scattering mediaM. Lyu, H. Wang, G. Li, S. Zheng and G. SituAdvanced Photonics
2019Angular memory effect of transmission eigenchannelsH. Yilmaz, C.W. Hsu, S. Rotter, A. Yamilov and H. Caoarxiv1906.06460v1
2019Controlling the propagation of quantum entanglement through a scattering medium by wavefront shapingH. Defienne, M. Reichert and J.W. FleischerImaging and Applied Optics 2019 (COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
2019Projecting light through complex media with machine learning and A. TurpinImaging and Applied Optics 2019 (COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
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