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2018A stage-scanning two-photon microscope equipped with a temporal and a spatial pulse shaper: Enhance fluorescence signal by phase shapingF. Büchau, A. Patas, Y. Yang, A. Lindinger and K. HeyneReview of Scientific Instruments
2018Light Propagation Prediction through Multimode Optical Fibers with a
Deep Neural Network
P. Fan, L. Deng and L. Suarxiv1812.02814v1
2018Imaging through turbid medium using a new iterative phase retrieval algorithmJ. Li, Y. Zhao, C. Jin, S. Zhang, M. Huang, B. Lee, Y. Wang, L. Cao and G. SituThreeDimensional Image Acquisition and Display Technology and Applications
2018Subcellular spatial resolution achieved for deep-brain imaging in vivo using a minimally invasive multimode fiberS. A. Vasquez-Lopez, R. Turcotte, V. Koren, M. Plöschner, Z. Padamsey, M. J. Booth, T. Čižmár and N. J. EmptageLight Science ApplicationsPDF
2018Deep optical neural network by living tumour brain cellsD. Pierangeli, V. Palmieri, G. Marcucci, C. Moriconi, G. Perini, M. D. Spirito, M. Papi and C. Conti1812.09311v1
2018Hybrid photoacoustic/fluorescence microendoscopy through a multimode
fiber using speckle illumination
Antonio M. Caravaca-Aguirre, Sakshi Singh, Simon Labouesse, Michael V. Baratta, Rafael Piestun and Emmanuel Bossyarxiv1812.11206v1
2018Programmable orbital angular momentum(OAM) mode multiplexer based on multi-plane light conversion(MPLC)X. Xiao, Y. Li, D. Zheng, X. Zeng, W. Li and J. Wu2018 Asia Communications and Photonics Conference ACPPDF
2017Optical microscopy aims deepS. GiganNature Photonics
2017Enhancing light transmission through a disordered waveguide with inhomogeneous scattering and lossR. Sarma, A. Yamilov and H. CaoApplied Physics Letters
2017Ultrahigh enhancement of light focusing through disordered media controlled by Megapixel modesH. Yu, K. Lee and Y. ParkarxivPDF1701.02933
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