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2020Extended imaging depth of en-face optical coherence tomography based on fast measurement of a reflection matrix by wide-field heterodyne detectionQ. Yang, J. Cao, Y. Miao, J. Zhu and Z. ChenOptics Letters
2020Experimental study of light focusing through strongly scattering media using binary amplitude spatial light modulatorO.V. Danko, V.P. Danko and A.V. KovalenkoFourteenth International Conference on Correlation Optics
2020Wavefront Shaping for Fast Focusing Light through Scattering Media Based on Parallel Wavefront Optimization and Superpixel MethodY. Ding, X. Lv, Y. Jia, B. Zhang, Z. Chen and Q. LiuChinese Physics Letters
2020Model-based wavefront shaping microscopyA. Thendiyammal, G. Osnabrugge, T. Knop and I.M. Vellekooparxiv2002.05279v1
2020Scattering Compensation for Deep Brain Microscopy: The Long Road to Get Proper ImagesP. Pozzi, D. Gandolfi, C.A. Porro, A. Bigiani and J. MapelliFrontiers in Physics
2020Deep Learning for Computational Mode Decomposition in Optical FibersS. Rothe, Q. Zhang, N. Koukourakis and J.W. CzarskeApplied Sciences
2020Deterministic and controllable photonic scattering media via direct laser writingE. Marakis, R. Uppu, M.L. Meretska, K.J. Gorter, W.L. Vos and P.W.H. Pinksearxiv2002.06676v1
2020Ultrabroadband Polarization Insensitive Hybrid using Multiplane Light ConversionN.K. Fontaine, Y. Zhang, H. Chen, R. Ryf, D.T. Neilson, G. Li, M. Cappuzzo, R. Kopf, A. Tate, H. Safar, C. Bolle, M. Earnshaw and J. CarpenterOptical Fiber Communication Conference OFC 20202002.06431
2020Real-time frequency-encoded spatiotemporal focusing through scattering media using a programmable 2D ultrafine optical frequency combX. Wei, Y. Shen, J.C. Jing, A.S. Hemphill, C. Yang, S. Xu, Z. Yang and L.V. WangScience Advances
2020Numerical comparison of robustness of shaped beam delivery through multimode and multicore fibre against fibre bendingM. Veettikazhy, A.K. Hansen, D. Marti, K. Dholakia and P.E. AndersenAdaptive Optics and Wavefront Control for Biological Systems VI
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