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2019Creating and Controlling Complex LightN. Bender, H. Yılmaz, Y. Bromberg and H. Caoarxiv1906.11698v1
2019Dont take it lightly: Phasing optical random projections with unknown operatorsS. Gupta, R. Gribonval, L. Daudet and I. Dokmanicarxiv1907.01703v1
2019Optical Reservoir Computing using multiple light scattering for chaotic systems predictionJ. Dong, M. Rafayelyan, F. Krzakala and S. Giganarxiv1907.00657v1
2019Fast Transmission Matrix Measurement System for Multimode Optical NetworksS. Rothe, H. Radner, N. koukourakis and J.W. CzarskeImaging and Applied Optics 2019 (COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
2019Depth detection capability and ultra-large depth of field in imaging through a thin scattering layerJ. Xie, X. Xie, Y. Gao, X. Xu, Y. Liu and X. YuJournal of Optics
2019Long-range spatio-temporal correlations in multimode fibers for pulse deliveryW. Xiong, C. W. Hsu and H. CaoNature CommunicationsPDF
2019Sparse Recovery of Under-Sampled Fiber Bundle Images for In-Vivo EndoscopyS.P. Mekhail, B. Sieveritz, T. Hernandez-Flores, N. Abudukeyoumu, J. Ward, G. Arbuthnott and S.N. ChormaicImaging and Applied Optics 2019 (COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
2019Single-shot multispectral imaging through a thin scattererX. Li, J. A. Greenberg and M. E. GehmOpticaPDF
2019Wavefront-shaping-based pattern regeneration through the scattering mediumM. Zhao, H. Wang and Z. TianJournal of the Optical Society of America APDF
2019Non-Line-of-Sight Three-Dimensional Imaging with a Single-Pixel CameraG. Musarra, A. Lyons, E. Conca, Y. Altmann, F. Villa, F. Zappa, M. J. Padgett and D. FaccioPhysical Review AppliedPDF
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