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2019Reflection matrix approach for quantitative imaging of scattering mediaW. Lambert, L.A. Cobus, M. Couade, M. Fink, . Alex and . Aubryarxiv1911.03147v1
2019Maximal Free-Space Concentration of Electromagnetic WavesH. Shim, H. Chung and O.D. Millerarxiv1905.10500v3
2019Active compensation of extrinsic polarization errors using adaptive opticsY. Dai, C. He, J. Wang, R. Turcotte, L. Fish, M. Wincott, Q. Hu and M.J.B. Sarxiv1911.04203v1
2019Wavefront Shaping of the Pump in Multimode Fiber Amplifiers; The Gain-Dependent Transmission MatrixT. Sperber, V. Billault, P. Sebbah and S. Giganarxiv1911.07812v1
2019Lensless wide-field imaging and depth sensing through a turbid scattering layer by round-trip field estimationW. Li, J. Liu, Y. Wu, G. Chengfei, H. Shunfu, T. Ji, J. Zhu and X. ShaoOptoelectronic Imaging and Multimedia Technology VI
2019Fiber-based high-dimensional quantum communicationsD. Bacco, B. Da Lio, D. Cozzolino, Y. Ding, M. Galili, K. Rottwitt and L.K. OxenløweQuantum and Nonlinear Optics VI
2019Structured light with digital micromirror devices: a guide to best practiceS. Scholes, R. Kara, J. Pinnell, V. Rodríguez-Fajardo and A. ForbesOptical Engineering
2019Confocal Imaging through a Multimode Fiber without Active Wave-ControlS.-Y. Lee, B. Bouma and M. Villiger2019 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC)
2019Photoacoustic Wavefront Shaping with High Signal to Noise Ratio for Light Focusing Through Scattering MediaJ. Sun, B. Zhang, Q. Feng, H. He, Y. Ding and Q. LiuScientific ReportsPDF
2019High-contrast photoacoustic imaging through scattering media using correlation detection of adaptive time windowL. Yu, J. Sun, X. Lv, Q. Feng, H. He, B. Zhang, Y. Ding and Q. LiuScientific ReportsPDF
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