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2018Learning to decompose the modes in few-mode fibers with deep
convolutional neural network
Y. An, L. Huang, J. Li, J. Leng, L. Yang and P. Zhou1811.00882v1
2018Image reconstruction of few-mode fiber based on deep learningR. Zhang, L. Song and J. WangAdvanced Optical Imaging Technologies
2018Spatio-temporal correlations in multimode fibers for pulse deliveryW. Xiong, C. W. Hsu and H. Cao1811.02552v1
20183D focusing through highly scattering media using PSF modulationQ. Zhao, Z. Q. Wang, X. Y. Hu, P. P. Yu, R. S. Chen, Y. M. Li and L. GongApplied Physics LettersPDF
2018Quadratic interpolation of the transmission matrix for the light propagation control in turbid mediaJ.O.G. Medel, S.M. Afanador Delgado and R. ChiuLatin America Optics and Photonics Conference
2018Imaging through highly scattering media based on optical transmission matrixB. Zhuang, C. Xu, Y. Geng, G. Zhao, H. Chen and L. RenTenth International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics
2018Non-scanning 3D endoscopic imaging through a multimode optical fiber based on monochromatic transmission matrixC. Xu, L. Ren, Y. Geng, B. Zhuang, H. Chen, Z. Wu and G. ZhaoTenth International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics
2018Multimode-fiber/scattering-medium computational optical endoscopic imaging based on digital wavefront modulationZ. He, B. Hu, Y. Li, L. Ren, B. Zhang, G. Zhao, C. Xu, Y. Geng and H. ChenTenth International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics
2018Remote Mode-Forming Over Multimode Fiber Employing Single-Ended Channel EstimationH. Chen, N. K. Fontaine, R. Ryf, D. T. Neilson, P. Winzer, S. Gross, N. Riesen, M. Withford, J. Li, J. C. Alvarado, S. Wittek, J. Du, Z. He, J. E. A. Lopez and R. Amezcua-Correa2018 European Conference on Optical Communication ECOCPDF
2018Deep, Complex, Invertible Networks for Inversion of Transmission Effects in Multimode Optical FibresO. Moran, P. Caramazza, D. Faccio and R. Murray-Smith32nd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems NeurIPS 2018
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