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2018Programmable orbital angular momentum(OAM) mode multiplexer based on multi-plane light conversion(MPLC)X. Xiao, Y. Li, D. Zheng, X. Zeng, W. Li and J. Wu2018 Asia Communications and Photonics Conference ACPPDF
2018Deep learning achieves super-resolution in fluorescence microscopyH. Wang, Y. Rivenson, Y. Jin, Z. Wei, R. Gao, H. Gunaydin, L. Bentolila and A. OzcanbioRxivPDF
2017Optical microscopy aims deepS. GiganNature Photonics
2017Enhancing light transmission through a disordered waveguide with inhomogeneous scattering and lossR. Sarma, A. Yamilov and H. CaoApplied Physics Letters
2017Ultrahigh enhancement of light focusing through disordered media controlled by Megapixel modesH. Yu, K. Lee and Y. ParkarxivPDF1701.02933
2017Wave-front shaping in nonlinear multimode fibersO. Tzang, A.M.C.- Caravaca-Aguirre and R. PiestunarxivPDF1701.05260
2017Single-shot real-time video recording of a photonic Mach cone induced by a scattered light pulseJ. Liang, C. Ma, L. Zhu, Y. Chen, L. Gao and L.V. WangScience Advances
2017Custom-tailored spatial mode sorting by controlled random scatteringR. Fickler, M. Ginoya and R.W. BoydarxivPDF1701.05889
2017PhD Thesis: "Ad-hoc control of scattering for adaptive opaque lenses" and D.D. BattistaarxivPDF1701.05749
2017Single multimode fiber endoscopeA.M. Caravaca-Aguirre and R. PiestunOptics Express
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