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2019Optical transmission matrix measurement sampled on a dense hexagonal latticeP. Pai, J. Bosch and A.P. Moskarxiv1912.00933v1
2019Manipulating cold atoms through a high-resolution compact system based on a multimode fiberN. Vitrant, K. Müller, S. Garcia and A. Ourjoumtsevarxiv1912.00062v1
2019Manipulation of Orbital-Angular-Momentum Spectrum Using Pinhole PlatesY. Yang, Q. Zhao, L. Liu, Y. Liu, C. Rosales-Guzmán and C.- QiuPhysical Review Applied
2019Learned Integrated Sensing Pipeline: Reconfigurable Metasurface Transceivers as Trainable Physical Layer in an Artificial Neural NetworkP. Hougne, M.F. Imani, A.V. Diebold, R. Horstmeyer and D.R. SmithAdvanced SciencePDF
2019Focusing light inside live tissue using reversibly switchable bacterial phytochrome as a genetically encoded photochromic guide starJ. Yang, L. Li, A.A. Shemetov, S. Lee, Y. Zhao, Y. Liu, Y. Shen, J. Li, Y. Oka, V.V. Verkhusha and L.V. WangScience Advances
2019Arbitrary optical wave evolution with Fourier transforms and phase masksV.J.L. López-Pastor, J.S. Lundeen and F. Marquardtarxiv1912.04721v1
2019All-Optical Adaptive Control of Quantum Cascade Random LasersS. Schonhuber, N. Bachelard, B. Limbacher, M. Kainz, A. Andrews, H. Detz, G. Strasser, J. Darmo, S. Rotter and K. Unterrainerarxiv1912.04339v1
2019Distortion matrix approach for full-field imaging of random scattering mediaW. Lambert, L.A. Cobus, T. Frappart, M. Fink, . Alex and . Aubryarxiv1912.05417v1
2019Quantitative phase and polarization imaging through an optical fiber applied to detection of early esophageal tumorigenesisG.S.D. Gordon, J. Joseph, M.P. Alcolea, T. Sawyer, C. Williams, C.R.M. Fitzpatrick, P.H. Jones, M. di Pietro, R.C. Fitzgerald, T.D. Wilkinson and S.E. BohndiekJournal of Biomedical Optics
2019Fast 3D movement of a laser focusing spot behind scattering media by utilizing optical memory effect and optical conjugate planesV. Tran, S.K. Sahoo and C. DangScientific ReportsPDF
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