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2018Optimal Communication Channels in a Disordered World with Tamed RandomnessP. Hougne, M. Fink and G. LeroseyarxivPDF1810.00430
2018Hermite-Gaussian mode sorterY. Zhou, J. Zhao, Z. Shi, S. M. H. Rafsanjani, M. Mirhosseini, Z. Zhu, A. E. Willner and R. W. Boyd1810.00229v1
2018Adaptive Control of Degenerate Mode Groups in a Highly Multimode FiberT. Qiu, I. Ashry, A. Wang and Y. XuIEEE Photonics Technology LettersPDF
2018Twisted optical communications using orbital angular momentum and J. WangScience China Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy
2018Phase control algorithms and filamentation of ultrashort laser pulses in a scattering mediumS. Lefebvre, H. Belmouaddine, D. Morris and D. HoudeApplied Physics B
2018Turning Optical Complex Media into Universal Reconfigurable Linear Operators by Wavefront ShapingM.W. Matthès, P. Hougne, J. Rosny, G. Lerosey and S.M. PopoffarxivPDF1810.05688
2018A Reconfigurable Chaotic Cavity with Fluorescent Lamps for Microwave Computational ImagingA.C.T. Yoya, B. Fuchs and M. DavyarxivPDF1810.07099
2018Time-dependence of the transmission matrix of a specialty few-mode fiberJ. Yammine, A. Tandjè, L. Bigot and E.R. AndresenarxivPDF1810.06643
2018Snapshot fiber spectral imaging using speckle correlations and
compressive sensing
R. French, S. Gigan and O. L. Muskens1810.10871v1
2018Compressive imaging through a multimode fiberL. V. Amitonova and J. F. de BoerOptics LettersPDF
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