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2019High-speed light focusing through multimode fiber for spot-scanning imagingH. Chen, Y. Geng, C. Xu, B. Zhuang and L. RenEleventh International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP 2019)
2019Transfer Learning in General Lensless Imaging through Scattering MediaY. Yang, L. Deng, P. Jiao, Y. Chua, J. Pei, C. Ma and G. Liarxiv1912.12419v1
2019Single-Fiber Based Endoscopic Imaging: Methods and CharacteristicsC. Xu1, B. Zhuang, Z. Wu and L. RenJournal of Material Science and Technology ResearchPDF
2019Transmission Matrix Noise Elimination for an Optical Disordered MediumL. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Xin, J. Wang and Y. ChenCurrent Optics and PhotonicsPDF
2019High-contrast imaging based on wavefront shaping to improve low signal-to-noise ratio photoacoustic signals using superpixel methodX. Lv, X. Xu, Q. Feng, B. Zhang, Y. Ding and Q. LiuChinese Physics B
2018Mode control in a multimode fiber through acquiring its transmission matrix from a reference-less optical systemM. N'Gom, T.B. Norris, E. Michielssen and R.R. NadakuditiOptics Letters
2018Focusing light through scattering media using the harmony search algorithm for phase optimization of wavefront shapingY. Wu, X. Zhang and H. YanOptik
2018Non-diffracting beams for label-free imaging through turbid mediaH. Nagar, E. Dekel, D. Kasimov and Y. RoichmanOptics Letters
2018Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing through highly scattering ex vivo human cataractous lensesY. Liu, Y. Shen, H. Ruan, F.L. Brodie, T.T.W. Wong, C. Yang and L.V. WangJournal of Biomedical Optics
2018Wavefront shaping with disorder-engineered metasurfacesM. Jang, Y. Horie, A. Shibukawa, J. Brake, Y. Liu, S.M. Kamali, A. Arbabi, H. Ruan, A. Faraon and C. YangNature Photonics
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