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2019Transversal ultrasound light guiding deep into scattering mediaM. Cherkashin, C. Brenner, G. Schmitz and M. Hofmannarxiv1910.09803v1
2019Kernel computations from large-scale random features obtained by Optical Processing UnitsR. Ohana, J. Wacker, J. Dong, S. Marmin, F. Krzakala, M. Filippone and L. Daudetarxiv1910.09880v1
2019Shaping of amplified beam from a highly multimode Yb-doped fiber using transmission matrixR. Florentin, V. Kermene, A. Desfarges-Berthelemot and A. BarthelemyOptics Express
2019Data hiding in complex-amplitude modulation using a digital micromirror deviceS. Jiao, D. Zhang, C. Zhang, Y. Gao, T. Lei and X. Yuanarxiv1910.11222v1
2019Photon-limited imaging through scattering medium based on deep learningL. Sun, J. Shi, X. Wu, Y. Sun and G. ZengOptics Express
2019Synchronous image reconstruction and depth information prediction through scattering media via multi-task networkS. Zhu, E. Guo, Y. Sun, L. Bai and J. Hanarxiv1910.12637v1
2019High-Dimensional Quantum Communication Using Space EncodingD. Bacco, D. Cozzolino, B. Da Lio, Y. Ding, K. Ingerslev, M. Galili, K. Rottwitt, S. Ramachandran and L.K. Oxenlnwe2019 21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON)
2019Fast Optical System Identification by Numerical InterferometryS. Gupta, R. Gribonval, L. Daudet and I. Dokmaniarxiv1911.01006v1
2019Label-Free Microscopic Imaging Based on the Random Matrix Theory in Wavefront ShapingL.Q. Yu, X.Y. Xu, Z.F. Zhang, Q. Feng, B. Zhang, Y.C. Ding and Q. LiuChinese Physics Letters
2019Reflection matrix approach for quantitative imaging of scattering mediaW. Lambert, L.A. Cobus, M. Couade, M. Fink, . Alex and . Aubryarxiv1911.03147v1
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