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2020Optimal wave fields for micromanipulation in complex scattering environmentsM. Horodynski, M. Kühmayer, A. Brandstötter, K. Pichler, Y.V. Fyodorov, U. Kuhl and S. RotterNature PhotonicsPDF
2020Performance of real-time adaptive optics compensation in a turbulent channel with high-dimensional spatial-mode encodingJ. Zhao, Y. Zhou, B. Braverman, C. Liu, K. Pang, N.K. Steinhoff, G.A. Tyler, A.E. Willner and R.W. Boydarxiv2002.08884v1
2020Deep optical imaging within complex scattering mediaS. Yoon, M. Kim, M. Jang, Y. Choi, W. Choi, S. Kang and W. ChoiNature Reviews PhysicsPDF
2020Deep Learning-Based Real-Time Mode Decomposition for Multimode FibersY. An, L. Huang, J. Li, J. Leng, L. Yang and P. ZhouIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
2020In vivo rat brain imaging using a short multimode fiber probeK. Eto, M. Junpei, R. Kurotani, H. Abe, I. Nishidate and M. SatoNeural Imaging and Sensing 2020
2020Maximum information states for coherent scattering measurementsD. Bouchet, S. Rotter and A.P. Moskarxiv2002.10388v1
2020Imaging and Tracking Through Scattering Medium With Low Bit Depth SpeckleQ. Xu, B. Sun, J. Zhao, Z. Wang, L. Du, C. Sun, X. Li and X. LiIEEE Photonics Journal
2020Optical reservoir computer using speckle in a multimode waveguideU. Paudel, M. Luengo-Kovac, T.J. Shaw and G.C. ValleyAI and Optical Data Sciences
2020Fighting against Fast Speckle Decorrelation for Light Focusing inside Live Tissue by Photon Frequency ShiftingJ. Yang, L. Li, J. Li, Z. Cheng, Y. Liu and L.V. WangACS Photonics
2020Time-gated iterative phase conjugation for efficient light energy delivery in scattering mediaD.Y. Kim, S. Jeong, M. Jang, Y.R. Lee and W. ChoiOptics Express
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