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2017Focusing of Laser Beams through Scattering Medium by Golden Section MethodJ. Pu, Z. Chen, X. Hu and X. JiImaging and Applied Optics 2017 (3D, AIO, COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
2017Focusing of Light Beams through Turbid Media by Feedback-based Wavefront ShapingJ. Pu, L. Wan, Z. Chen and H. HuangImaging and Applied Optics 2017 (3D, AIO, COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
2017Complex wavefront engineering with disorder-engineered metasurfacesM. Jang, Y. Horie, A. Shibukawa, J. Brake, Y. Liu, S.M. Kamali, A. Arbabi, H. Ruan, A. Faraon and C. YangarxivPDF1706.08640
2017Matrix Approach of the Eye Optical Imaging and V.J. BarolleImaging and Applied Optics 2017 (3D, AIO, COSI, IS, MATH, pcAOP)
20173D Holographic Imaging and Display Exploiting Complex OpticsH. Yu, Y. Baek, J. Park, S. Han, K. Lee and Y. ParkITE Transactions on Media Technology and ApplicationsPDF
2017Visualization of photoacoustic images in a limited-View measuring system using eigenvalues of a photoacoustic transmission matrixH. Abe and T. ShiinaPhotoacoustics
2017Mode Control in a Multimode Fiber Through Acquiring its Transmission Matrix from a Reference-less Optical SystemM. N'Gom, T.B. Norris, E. Michielssen and R.R. NadakuditiarxivPDF1707.02634
2017Temporal recompression through a scattering medium via a broadband transmission matrixM. Mounaix, H.B. Aguiar and S. GiganarxivPDF1707.02146
2017Wave-Front Shaping for Nonlinear Light Propagation in Multimode FibersO. Tzang, A.M. Caravaca Aguirre and R. PiestunNonlinear Optics
2017Controlling light in complex media beyond the acoustic diffraction-limit using the acousto-optic transmission matrixO. Katz, F. Ramaz, S. Gigan and M. FinkarxivPDF1707.02421
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