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2016Spatio-temporal imaging of light transport in scattering media using white light illumination (Conference Presentation)A. Badon, D. Li, G. Lerosey, C. Boccara, M. Fink and A. AubryProceedings SPIE
2016From Loschmidt daemons to time-reversed wavesM. FinkPhil. Trans. R. Soc. A
2016Adaptive Multiphoton Endomicroscope Incorporating a Polarization-Maintaining Multicore Optical FibreY. Kim, S.C. Warren, J.M. Stone, J.C. Knight, M.A.A. Neil, C. Paterson, C.W. Dunsby and P.M.W. FrenchIEEE J. Select. Topics Quantum Electron.PDF
2016Total variation optimization for imaging through turbid media with transmission matrixC. Gong, X. Shao, T. Wu, J. Liu and J. ZhangOptical Engineering
2016Multimode waveguide speckle patterns for compressive sensingG.C. Valley, G.A. Sefler and T. Justin ShawOptics LettersPDF
2016Holographic imaging through a scattering medium by diffuser-aided statistical averagingM.J. Purcell, M. Kumar, S.C. Rand and V. LakshminarayananarxivPDF1605.04834
2016Robust phase retrieval with the swept approximate message passing (prSAMP) algorithmB. Rajaei, S. Gigan, F. Krzakala and L. DaudetarxivPDF1605.07516
2016Optical Reciprocity Induced Symmetry of the Scattering Eigenstates in Non-PT-Symmetric HeterostructuresL. Ge and L. FengarxivPDF1605.07152
2016Advanced photoacoustic and thermoacoustic sensing and imaging beyond pulsed absorption contrastF. Gao, X. Feng and Y. ZhengJournal of Optics
2016Learning-based imaging through scattering mediaR. Horisaki, R. Takagi and J. TanidaOptics Express
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