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2018Custom-tailored spatial mode sorting by controlled random scatteringR. Fickler, M. Ginoya and R.W. BoydPhysical Review B
2018Approaching fundamental limits to free-space communication through atmospheric turbulenceJ.M. Kahn and A. BelmonteBroadband Access Communication Technologies XII
2018Semi-random multicore fibre design for adaptive multiphoton endoscopyY. Kim, S. Warren, F. Favero, J. Stone, J. Clegg, M. Neil, C. Paterson, J. Knight, P. French and C. DunsbyOptics Express
2018In situ
realization of particlelike scattering states in a microwave cavity
J. Böhm, A. Brandstötter, P. Ambichl, S. Rotter and U. KuhlPhysical Review A
2018Channel estimation in few mode fiber mode division multiplexing transmission systemY. Hei, L. Li, W. Li, X. Li and G. ShiOptical Fiber Technology
2018A multimodal microtool for spatially controlled infrared neural stimulation in the deep brain tissueÁ.C. Horváth, Ö.C. Boros, S. Beleznai, Ö. Sepsi, P. Koppa and Z. FeketeSensors and Actuators B: Chemical
2018Adaptive pumping for spectral control of broadband second-harmonic generationY. Qiao, Y. Peng, Y. Zheng, F. Ye and X. ChenOptics Letters
2018Time-reversed magnetically controlled perturbation (TRMCP) optical focusing inside scattering mediaZ. Yu, J. Huangfu, F. Zhao, M. Xia, X. Wu, X. Niu, D. Li, P. Lai and D. WangScientific Reports
2018Focusing light through random photonic layers by four-element division algorithmL. Fang, X. Zhang, H. Zuo and L. PangOptical Interactions with Tissue and Cells XXIX
2018Emerging applications of digital micromirror devices in biophotonic fieldsT. Yoon, C.-S. Kim, K. Kim and J.- ChoiOptics & Laser Technology
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