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2017Mutual information between reflected and transmitted speckle imagesN. Fayard, A. Goetschy, R. Pierrat and R. CarminatiarxivPDF1710.03549
2017Kilohertz binary phase modulator for pulsed laser sources using a digital micromirror deviceM. Hoffmann, I.N. Papadopoulos and B. JudkewitzarxivPDF1710.06936
2017Comparison of nematic liquid-crystal and DMD based spatial light modulation in complex photonicsS. Turtaev, I.T. Leite, K.J. Mitchell, M.J. Padgett, D.B. Phillips and ?i?márOptics Express
2017Focusing light through scattering media by transmission matrix inversionJ. Xu, H. Ruan, Y. Liu, H. Zhou and C. YangOptics Express
2017Focusing light inside scattering media with magnetic-particle-guided wavefront shapingH. Ruan, T. Haber, Y. Liu, J. Brake, J. Kim, J.M. Berlin and C. YangOptica
2017Multimode fibre based imaging for optically cleared samplesI. Gusachenko, J. Nylk, J.A. Tello and K. DholakiaBiomed. Opt. Express
2017Photonic lantern kW-class fiber amplifierJ. Montoya, C. Hwang, D. Martz, C. Aleshire, T.Y. Fan and D.J. RipinOptics Express
2017Multiplexing using principal modes in spliced MMFs with mode dependent lossesJ.C. Jacob and K. Appaiah2017 Twenty-third National Conference on Communications (NCC)
2017Time-reversed magnetically controlled perturbation (TRMCP) optical focusing inside scattering mediaZhipeng Yu, Jiangtao Huangfu, Fangyuan Zhao, Meiyun Xia, Xi Wu, Xufeng Niu, Deyu Li, Puxiang Lai and Daifa WangarxivPDF1710.09603
2017Adaptive control of necklace states in a photonic crystal waveguideE. Yüce, J. Lian, S. Sokolov, J. Bertolotti, S. Combrié, A.D. Rossi and A.P. MoskarxivPDF1709.10288
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