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2015Measuring large optical reflection matrices of turbid mediaH. Yu, J-H. Park and Y. Parkarxiv 1503.01901
2015Imaging deep within a scattering medium using collective accumulation of single-scattered wavesS. Kang, S. Jeong, W. Choi, H. Ko, T.D. Yang, J.H. Joo, J-S. Lee, Y-S. Lim, Q-H. Park and W. ChoiNature Photonics
2015In vivo neuroimaging through the highly scattering tissue via iterative multi-photon adaptive compensation techniqueL. Kong and M. CuiOptics Express
2015Wavefront analysis of the laser beam propagating through a turbid mediumI.V. Galaktionov, J.V. Sheldakova and A.V. KudryashovQuantum Electronics
2015Compact wide-field-of-view imager with a designed disordered mediumT. Nakamura, R. Horisaki and J. TanidaOptical Review
2015Volume integrated phase modulator based on funnel waveguides for reconfigurable miniaturized optical circuitsJ. Parravicini, R. Martinez Lorente, F. Di Mei, D. Pierangeli, A.J. Agranat and E. DelReOptics Letters
2015Recent advances in wavefront shaping techniques for biomedical applicationsH. Yu , J. Park, K. Lee, J. Yoon, K. Kim, S. Leeand and Y. ParkCurrent Applied Physics1502.05475
2015Focusing through turbid media by polarization modulationJ. Park, J.H. Park, H. Yu and Y.K. Park Optics Letters1502.05162
2015Microgenetic optimization algorithm for optimal wavefront shapingB.R. Anderson, P. Price, R. Gunawidjaja and H. EilersApplied Optics1503.00573
2015Approches Bayesiennes pour la reconstruction de phase Application a l’optique des milieux complexesA. Dremeau, A. Liuktus, D. Martina, O. Katz, C. Schulke, F. Krzakala, S. Gigan and L. DaudetGRETSIPDF
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