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2017Initial tamper tests of novel tamper-indicating optical physical unclonable functionsB.R. Anderson, R. Gunawidjaja and H. EilersApplied Optics
2017Generalized image deconvolution by exploiting spatially variant point spread functionsS. Lee, K. Lee, S. Shin and Y. ParkarxivPDF1703.08974
20173D spatially-resolved optical energy density enhanced by wavefront shapingP. Hong, O.S. Ojambati, A. Lagendijk, A.P. Mosk and W.L. VosarxivPDF1703.08230
2017Speckle Statistics for Single Fiber EndoscopyA.M. Caravaca-Aguirre, S. Singh and R. PiestunOptics in the Life Sciences Congress
2017Light fields in complex media: Mesoscopic scattering meets wave controlS. Rotter and S. GiganReviews of Modern PhysicsPDF1702.05395
2017Adaptive optical fluorescence microscopy and N. JiNature Methods
2017Optimization of Iterative Algorithms for Focusing Light Through Scattering MediaY. Zhou and X. LiIEEE Photonics JournalPDF
2017Lensless wide-field single-shot imaging through turbid media based on object-modulated specklesP. Wu, Z. Liang, X. Zhao, L. Su and L. SongApplied Optics
2017Research on intelligent algorithms for amplitude optimization of wavefront shapingQ. Feng, B. Zhang, Z. Liu, C. Lin and Y. DingApplied Optics
2017Single-Frequency Microwave Imaging with Dynamic Metasurface AperturesT. Sleasman, M. Boyarsky, M.F. Imani, T. Fromenteze, J.N. Gollub and D.R. SmitharxivPDF1704.03303
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