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2015Optogenetic signaling-pathway regulation through scattering skull using wavefront shapingJ. Yoon, M. Lee, K.R. Lee, N. Kim, J.M. Kim, J. Park, C. Choi, W.D. Heo and Y. ParkSci. Rep.1502.04826
2015Reference-less measurement of the transmission matrix of a highly scattering material using a DMD and phase retrieval techniquesA. Dremeau, A. Liutkus, D. Martina, O. Katz, C. Schulke, F. Krzakala, S. Gigan and L. Daudetarxiv 1502.03324
2015Delivery of focused short pulses through a multimode fiberE.E. Morales-Delgado, S. Farahi, I.N. Papadopoulos, D. Psaltis and C. MoserOptics Express
2015One-wave optical time-reversal mirror by actively coupling arbitrary light fields into a single-mode reflectorK.R. Lee, J. Lee, J.-H. Park, J.-H. Park and Y.K. Parkarxiv1505.03693
2015Optical focusing inside scattering media with time-reversed ultrasound microbubble encoded lightH. Ruan, M. Jang and C. YangNat. Photon.PDF1506.05190
2015Fast-forming focused spots through a multimode fiber based on an adaptive parallel coordinate algorithmZ. Yin, G. Liu, F. Chen and B. LiuChinese Optics Letters
2015Preferential coupling of an incident wave to reflection eigenchannels of disordered mediaW. Choi, M. Kim, D. Kim, C. Yoon, C. Fang-Yen, Q.-H. Park and W. ChoiSci. Rep.
2015Influence of the absorber dimensions on wavefront shaping based on volumetric optoacoustic feedbackX. L. Dean-Ben, H. Estrada, A. Ozbek and D. Razanskyarxiv1506.03617
2015Selective coupling of optical energy into the fundamental diffusion mode of a scattering mediumO.S. Ojambati, H. Yilmaz, A. Lagendijk, A.P. Mosk and W.L. Vosarxiv1505.08103
2015Phase Retrieval Using Optimized Conjugated IlluminationA. Qu, A. Goy and J. FleischerImaging and Applied Optics 2015
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