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2020Matrix approach of Full-Field OCT for volumetric imaging of an opaque monkey corneaP. Balondrade, V. Barolle, K. Irsch, C. Boccara, M. Fink and A. AubryAdaptive Optics and Wavefront Control for Biological Systems VI
2020Distortion matrix concept for deep imaging in optical coherence microscopyA. Aubry, A. Badon, V. Barolle, K. Irsch, A.C. Boccara and M. FinkAdaptive Optics and Wavefront Control for Biological Systems VI
2020Simultaneous Turbulence Mitigation and Mode Demultiplexing using one MPLC in a Two-Mode 200-Gbit/s Free-Space OAM-Multiplexed LinkH. Song, X. Su, H. Song, R. Zhang, Z. Zhao, C. Liu, K. Pang, N. Hu, A. Almaiman, S. Zach, N. Cohen, A. Molisch, R. Boyd, M. Tur and A.E. WillnerOptical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC) 2020
2020Wigner-Smith Time Delay Matrix for Electromagnetics: Theory and PhenomenologyU.R. Patel and E. Michielssenarxiv2003.06985v1
2020Retrieving the optical transmission matrix of a multimode fiber using the extended Kalman filterG. Huang, D. Wu, J. Luo, Y. Huang and Y. ShenOptics Express
2020Optical Broadcasting and Steering by Demultiplexing Incoherent Spatial ModesH. Chen, N.K. Fontaine, Y. Zhang, M. Mazur, J.C. Alvarado Zacarias, R. Ryf, D. Neilson, G. Li, R. Amezcua Correa and J. CarpenterOptical Fiber Communication Conference Postdeadline Papers 2020
2020Sub-acoustic resolution optical focusing through scattering using photoacoustic fluctuation guided wavefront shapingM.A. Inzunza-Ibarra, E. Premillieu, C. Grünsteidl, R. Piestun and T.W. MurrayOptics ExpressPDF
2020High-fidelity spatial mode transmission through multimode fiber via vectorial time reversalY. Zhou, B. Braverman, . Alex, . Fyffe, R. Zhang, J. Zhao, A.E. Willner, Z. Shi and R.W. Boydarxiv2003.09883v1
2020An Efficient CNN to Realize Speckle Correlation Imaging Based on Cloud-Edge for Cyber-Physical-Social-SystemL. Xu, J. Han, T. Wang and L. BaiIEEE Access
2020Speckle-based determination of the polarisation state of single and multiple laser beamsM. Facchin, G.D. Bruce and K. Dholakiaarxiv2003.14408v1
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