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2017Optimization of Iterative Algorithms for Focusing Light Through Scattering MediaY. Zhou and X. LiIEEE Photonics JournalPDF
2017Lensless wide-field single-shot imaging through turbid media based on object-modulated specklesP. Wu, Z. Liang, X. Zhao, L. Su and L. SongApplied Optics
2017Research on intelligent algorithms for amplitude optimization of wavefront shapingQ. Feng, B. Zhang, Z. Liu, C. Lin and Y. DingApplied Optics
2017Single-Frequency Microwave Imaging with Dynamic Metasurface AperturesT. Sleasman, M. Boyarsky, M.F. Imani, T. Fromenteze, J.N. Gollub and D.R. SmitharxivPDF1704.03303
2017Continuous-variable quantum authentication of physical unclonable keysG.M. Nikolopoulos and E. DiamantiScientific Reports
2017Deformation sensing with a multimode POF using speckle correlation processing methodV. Varyshchuk, Y. Bobitski and H. PoiselOpto-Electronics Review
2017Autofocusing Airy beams generated by all-dielectric metasurface for visible lightQ. Fan, D. Wang, P. Huo, Z. Zhang, Y. Liang and T. XuOptics Express
2017Super- and Anti-Principal Modes in Multi-Mode WaveguidesP. Ambichl, W. Xiong, Y. Bromberg, B. Redding, H. Cao and S. RotterPhys. Rev. XPDF1704.05117
2017Imaging through scattering media with single-pixel detection
E. Irles, F. Soldevila, Y. Jáuregui, P. Clemente, V. Durán, E. Tajahuerce, P. Andrés, P. Artal and J. LancisBiomedical Imaging and Sensing Conference
2017Speckle and focusing of partially coherent beams through scattering medium
Z. Chen, J. Pu, X. Ji and L. WanOptical Manipulation Conference
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