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2017Wide-Field Multiphoton Imaging Through Scattering Media Without CorrectionA.E.- Escobet-Montalbán, R. Spesyvtsev, M. Chen, W.A. Saber, M. Andrews, C.S. Herrington, M. Mazilu and K. DholakiaarxivPDF1712.07415
2017DGD and Dispersion Measurement of Few Mode Fibres Based on Mode Excitation liu, L. Zhang, L. Shen, X. Sun, S. Chen and J. LiAsia Communications and Photonics Conference
2017Quantum Reference Beacon-Guided Super-Resolution Optical Focusing in Complex MediaD. Kim and D.R. EnglundarxivPDF1712.10294
2016Coherent control of photocurrent in a disordered photovoltaic systemS.F. Liew, S.M. Popoff, S.W. Sheehan, A.Goetschy, C.A. Schmuttenmaer, A.D. Stone and H. CaoACS Photonics1507.07438
2016High-resolution wavefront shaping with a photonic crystal fiber for multimode fiber imagingL.V. Amitonova, A. Descloux, J. Petschulat, M.H. Frosz, G. Ahmed, F. Babic, X. Jiang, A.P. Mosk, P.S.J. Russell and P.W.H. PinkseOptics LettersPDF
2016Reconstruction evaluation of intensity ratio distribution for extraction of absorber information in homogeneous scattering mediumT. Yamaoki and O. MatobaOptical Review
2016Behaviour of light transmission channels in random media with inhomogeneous disorderY. Xu, H. Zhang, Y. Lin and H. ZhuarxivPDF1601.01120
2016Effect of experimental parameters on optimal reflection of light from opaque mediaB.R. Anderson, R. Gunawidjaja and H. EilersPhysical Review A
2016Optical imaging through dynamic turbid media using the Fourier-domain shower-curtain effectE. Edrei and G. ScarcelliOptica
2016Energy-leaky modes in partially measured scattering matrices of disordered mediaH. Yu, K. Lee and Y. ParkarxivPDF1601.01839
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