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2014Harnessing randomness to control the polarization of light transmitted through highly scattering mediaS. Tripathi and K.C. ToussaintOpt. Express
2014Model for estimating the penetration depth limit of the time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing techniqueM. Jang, H. Ruan, B. Judkewitz and C. YangOpt. Express
2014Non-invasive real-time imaging through scattering layers and around corners via speckle correlationsO. Katz, P. Heidmann, M. Fink and S. Giganarxiv 1403.3316
2014Reconfigurable random bit storage using polymer-dispersed liquid crystalR. Horstmeyer, S. Assawaworrarit and C. Yangarxiv 1403.2419
2014The single-channel regime of transport through random mediaA. Pena, A. Girschik, F. Libisch, S. Rotter and A.A. ChabanovNat. Commun.PDF
2014110x110 optical mode transfer matrix inversionJ. Carpenter, B.J. Eggleton and J. SchroderOpt. Express
2014Spatial control of surface plasmon polariton excitation at planar metal surfaceZ. Ruan, H. Wu, M. Qiu and S. Fanarxiv1403.4009
2014Tracking and imaging of dynamic objects in scattering media by time-reversed adapted-perturbation (TRAP) optical focusingC. Ma, X. Xu, Y. Liu and L.V. Wangarxiv1404.7387
2014Superpixel-based spatial amplitude and phase modulation using a digital micromirror deviceS.A. Goorden, J. Bertolotti and A.P. MoskOpt. ExpressPDF1405.3893
2014Noninvasive nonlinear imaging through strongly-scattering turbid layersO. Katz, E. Small, Y. Guan and Y. Silberbergarxiv1405.4826
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