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2014Amplitude-modulated photoacoustic wavefront shaping and application in flowmetry
J.W. Tay, J. Liang and L.V. WangOptics Letters
2014Multiplexed aberration measurement for deep tissue imaging in vivoC. Wang, R. Liu, D.E. Milkie, W. Sun, Z. Tan, A. Kerlin, T.-W. Chen, D.S. Kim and N. JiNature Methods
2014Laser speckle reduction by phase range limited computer generated hologram in laser projection display systemY.-S. Chang, C.-H. Lin, K.-H. Hsu, W.-F. Hsu, L.-J. Hsiao and H.Y. LinApplied Optics
2014Adaptive control of waveguide modes using a directional couplerP. Lu, M. Shipton, A. Wang and Y. XuOpt. Express
2014Hybridized resonances to design tunable binary phase metasurface unit cellsN. Kaina, M. Dupre, M. Fink and G. LeroseyOpt. Express
2014A self-adaptive method for creating high efficiency communication channels through random scattering mediaX. Hao, L. Martin-Rouault and M. CuiScientific Reports
2014Light focusing in the Anderson regimeM. Leonetti, S. Karbasi, A. Mafi and C. ContiNature Communications
2014Recent advances in digital holographyW. Osten, A. Faridian, P. Gao, K. Korner, D. Naik, G. Pedrini, A.K. Singh, M. Takeda and M. WilkeApplied Optics
2014Reconfigurable spatially-diverse optical vector network analyzerJoel Carpenter and Benjamin J. Eggleton and Jochen Schr oderOpt. Express
2014Focusing on moving targets through scattering samplesE.H. Zhou, H. Ruan, C. Yang and B. JudkewitzOptica
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