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2015High-speed phase modulation using the DLP: application in imaging through complex mediaE. Niv, A.M. Caravaca-Aguirre, D.B. Conkey and R. PiestunProceedings SPIE
2015New algorithms for binary wavefront optimizationX. Zhang and P. KnerProceedings SPIE
2015Amplitude-masked photoacoustic wavefront shaping: theory and application in flowmetryJ. Liang, J.W. Tay, A.S. Hemphill and L.V. WangProceedings SPIE
2015Structured illumination enables image transmission through scattering mediaV. Duran, P. Clemente, E. Irles, F. Soldevila, E. Tajahuerce, A.D. Rodriguez and P. Andres and J. LancisProceedings SPIE
2015Complex pattern projection through a multimode fiberD. Loterie, S. Farahi, D. Psaltis and C. Moser
2015Analog time-reversed ultrasonically encoded light focusing inside scattering media with a 33 000$ imes$ optical power gainMa Cheng and Xu Xiao and Wang Lihong VScientific Reports
2015Measuring large optical reflection matrices of turbid mediaH. Yu, J-H. Park and Y. Parkarxiv 1503.01901
2015Imaging deep within a scattering medium using collective accumulation of single-scattered wavesS. Kang, S. Jeong, W. Choi, H. Ko, T.D. Yang, J.H. Joo, J-S. Lee, Y-S. Lim, Q-H. Park and W. ChoiNature Photonics
2015In vivo neuroimaging through the highly scattering tissue via iterative multi-photon adaptive compensation techniqueL. Kong and M. CuiOptics Express
2015Wavefront analysis of the laser beam propagating through a turbid mediumI.V. Galaktionov, J.V. Sheldakova and A.V. KudryashovQuantum Electronics
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