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2016Hybrid iterative wavefront shaping for high-speed focusing through scattering mediaA.S. Hemphill and L.V. WangAdaptive Optics and Wavefront Control for Biological Systems II
2016Wavefront shaping enhanced Raman scattering in a turbid mediumJ.V. Thompson, G.A. Throckmorton, B.H. Hokr and V.V. YakovlevOptics Letters
2016Confocal microscopy via multimode fibers: fluorescence bandwidthD. Loterie, D. Psaltis and C. MoserAdaptive Optics and Wavefront Control for Biological Systems II
2016Structured adaptive focusing through scattering mediaD. Di Battista, D. Ancora, H. Zhang, K. Lemonaki, S. Avtzi, S. Tzortzakis, M. Leonetti and G. ZacharakisAdaptive Optics and Wavefront Control for Biological Systems II
2016Coupling to Modes of a Near-Confocal Optical Resonator Using a Digital Light ModulatorA.T. Papageorge, A.J. Kollár and B.L. LevarxivPDF1603.06900
2016Enhanced nonlinear imaging through scattering media using transmission matrix based wavefront shapingH.B. Aguiar, S. Gigan and S. BrasseletarxivPDF1603.07092
2016Single-shot optical imaging through scattering medium using digital in-line holographyV.R. V, K. Kim, A.S. Somkuwar, Y. Park and R.K. SingharxivPDF1603.07430
2016Broadband multimode fiber spectrometerS.F. Liew, B. Redding, M.A. Choma, H.D. Tagare and H. CaoOptics Letters
2016Optical phase conjugation assisted scattering lens: variable focusing and 3D patterningJ. Ryu, M. Jang, T.J. Eom, C. Yang and E. ChungScientific Reports
2016Calibration of digital optical phase conjugation setups based on orthonormal rectangular polynomialsM. Azimipour, F. Atry and R. PashaieApplied Optics
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