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2020High-contrast imaging based on wavefront shaping to improve low signal-to-noise ratio photoacoustic signals using superpixel methodX. Lv, X. Xu, Q. Feng, B. Zhang, Y. Ding and Q. LiuChinese Physics BPDF
2020Compressive ghost imaging in scattering media guided by region of interestZiqi Gao and Xuemin Cheng and Linfeng Zhang and Yao Hu and Qun HaoJournal of Optics
2020Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy through a multimode fiber endoscopeJ. Trägårdh, Pikálek, M. ?erý, D. Akimov, T. Meyer, J. Popp and Ci?márBiomedical Spectroscopy, Microscopy, and Imaging
2020Far-Field Wavefront Control of Nonlinear Luminescence in Disordered Gold MetasurfacesG. Roubaud, P. Bondareff, G. Volpe, S. Gigan, S. Bidault and S. GrésillonNano Letters
2020High-performance transmission of optical vortices through scattering media with opaque-lens field transformation theoryH. Zhang, B. Zhang, Z. Wan and Q. Liuarxiv2004.01943v1
2020Adaptive optics with reflected light and deep neural networksI. Vishniakou and J.D. Seeligarxiv2004.04603v1
2020Imaging through dynamic scattering media with stitched speckle patternsX. Wang, H. Liu, M. Chen, Z. Liu and S. HanChinese Optics Letters
2020Averaging speckle patterns to improve the robustness of compressive multimode fiber imaging against fiber bendM. Lan, Y. Xiang, J. Li, L. Gao, Y. Liu, Z. Wang, S. Yu, G. Wu and J. MaOptics Express
2020Measurement matrix construction by specklegrams from step index multimode fiber and its application in compressive sensingQ. Qin, Y. Liu, Z. Tan, M. Wang and F. YanOptikPDF
2019Imaging through scattering media via support vector regressionH. Chen, Y. Gao, X. Liu and Z. ZhouOptics CommunicationsPDF
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