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2011Complex wavefront corrections for deep tissue focusing using low coherence backscattered lightR. Fiolka, K. Si and M. CuiOpt. Express
2011Superpenetration optical microscopy by iterative multiphoton adaptive compensation techniqueJ. Tang, R.N. Germain and M. CuiProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USAPDF
2011Scattering optics resolve nanostructureJ. Bertolotti and E.G. van Putten and D. Akbulut and W.L. Vos and A. Lagendijk and A.P. MoskProc. SPIEPDF
2011Control of light transmission through opaque scattering media in space and timeJ. Aulbach and B. Gjonaj and P. M. Johnson and A. P. Mosk and A. LagendijkPhys. Rev. Lett.PDF1011.5959
2011Optimal concentration of light in turbid materialsE.G. van Putten and A. Lagendijk and A. P. MoskJ. Opt. Soc. Am. BPDF1001.1066
2011Focusing light through random photonic media by binary amplitude modulationD. Akbulut and Huisman, T.J. and E.G. van Putten and W.L. Vos and A.P. MoskOpt. ExpressPDF1101.2860
2011Shaping the light transmission through a multimode optical fibre: complex transformation analysis and applications in biophotonicsT Cizmar and K DholakiaOpt. ExpressPDF
2011Focusing and compression of ultrashort pulses through scattering mediaO. Katz, E. Small, Y. Bromberg and Y. SilberbergNat. Photon.PDF1012.0413
2011Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into scattering mediaX. Xu, H. Liu and L.V. WangNat. Photon.PDF
2011Spatio-temporal focusing of an ultrafast pulse through a multiply scattering mediumD.J. McCabe, A. Tajalli, D.R. Austin, P. Bondareff, I.A. Walmsley, S. Gigan and B. ChatelNat. Commun.PDF1101.0976
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