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2014Programming balanced optical beam splitters in white paintS.R. Huisman, T.J. Huisman, S.A. Goorden, A.P. Mosk and P.W.H. Pinksearxiv1401.4349
2014Transmission channels for light in absorbing random media: from diffusive to ballistic-like transportS.F. Liew, S.M. Popoff, A.P. Mosk, W.L. Vos and H. CaoPhys. Rev. BPDF1401.5805
2014Direct imaging of fluorescent structures behind turbid layersG. Ghielmetti and C.M. AegerterOpt. Express
2014Generating non-Rayleigh speckles with tailored intensity statistics
Y. Bromberg and H. Caoarxiv1401.7662
2014Partially pumped random lasersJ. Andreasen, N. Bachelard, B.N. Shivakiran Bhaktha, H. Cao, P. Sebbah and C. VannesteInt. J. Mod. Phys. B
2014Adaptive control of waveguide modes in a two-mode-fiberP. Lu, M. Shipton, A. Wang, S. Soker and Y. XuOpt. Express.
2014GPU accelerated toolbox for real-time beam-shaping in multimode fibresM. Ploschner, B. Straka, K. Dholakia and T. CizmarOpt. Express
2014Nonlinear photoacoustic wavefront shaping (PAWS) for single speckle-grain optical focusing in scattering mediaP. Lai, L. Wang, J.W. Tay and L.V. Wangarxiv1402.0816
2014Light Focusing and Two-Dimensional Imaging Through Scattering Media using the Photoacoustic Transmission-Matrix with an Ultrasound ArrayT. Chaigne, J. Gateau, O. Katz, E. Bossy and S. GiganOpt. Lett.1402.0279
2014Toward miniature endomicroscope: pixelation-free and diffraction-limited imaging through a fiber bundleD. Kim, J. Moon, M. Kim, T. Yang, J. Kim, E. Chung and W. ChoiOpt. Lett.
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