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2016Exploiting the speckle-correlation scattering matrix for a compact reference-free holographic image sensorK. R. Lee and Y. K. ParkNature Communications
2015Programmable multiport optical circuits in opaque scattering materialsS.R. Huisman and T.J. Huisman and T.A.W. Wolterink and A.P. Mosk and P.W.H. PinkseOpt. ExpressPDF1408.1856
2015Optical focusing deep inside dynamic scattering media with near-infrared time-reversed ultrasonically encoded (TRUE) lightY. Liu, P. Lai, C. Ma, Xiao Xu, A.A. Grabar and L.V. WangNature Communications
2015Determining principal modes in a multimode optical fiber using the mode dependent signal delay methodG. Milione, D.A. Nolan and R.R. AlfanoJournal of the Optical Society of America B
2015Rapid Measurement of the fiber’s transmission matrixR. Brüning, D. Flamm and S.S. Ngcobo, A. Forbes and M. Duparré Proceedings SPIE
2015Scanning-free imaging through a single fiber by random spatio-spectral encodingS.M. Kolenderska, O. Katz, M. Fink and S. GiganOpt. Lett.
2015Tomographic diffractive microscopy with agile illuminations for imaging targets in a noisy backgroundT. Zhang, C. Godavarthi, P.C. Chaumet, G. Maire, H. Giovannini, A. Talneau, C. Prada, A. Sentenac and K. BelkebirOpt. Lett.
2015Approches Bayesiennes pour la reconstruction de phase Application à l’optique des milieux complexesA. Dremeau, A. Liuktus, D. Martina, O. Katz, C. Schulke, F. Krzakala, S. Gigan and L. DaudetGRETSIPDF
2015Approximate Message Passing with Restricted Boltzmann Machine PriorsE.W. Tramel, A. Dremeau and F. Krzakalaarxivabs/1502.06470
2015LCOS Based Devices for Mode-division MultiplexingJ.A. Carpenter, B.J. Eggleton and J.B. SchroederOptical Fiber Communication Conference
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