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2020Fluctuations and correlations of transmission eigenchannels in diffusive
N. Bender, A. Yamilov, H. Yilmaz and H. Caoarxiv2004.12167v1
2020Physics-based Modeling and Scalable Optimization of Large Intelligent
Reflecting Surfaces
M. Najafi, V. Jamali, R. Schober and V.H. Poorarxiv2004.12957v1
2020Two-photon fluorescence imaging of live neurons using a multimode optical fiberR. Turcotte, C.C. Schmidt, M.J. Booth and N.J. EmptageArray
2020Light field imaging through a single multimode fiber for OAM-multiplexed data transmissionQ. Zhao, P.P. Yu, Y.F. Liu, Z.Q. Wang, Y.M. Li and L. GongApplied Physics LettersPDF
2020Learning-based super interpolation and extrapolation for speckled image
H. Li, Z. Yu, Y. Luo, S. Cheng, L.V. Wang, Y. Zheng and P. Laiarxiv2005.00834v1
2020Fluorescence imaging through dynamic scattering media with speckle-encoded ultrasound-modulated light correlationH. Ruan, Y. Liu, J. Xu, Y. Huang and C. YangNature PhotonicsPDF
2020Wavefront correction for adaptive optics with reflected light and deep neural networksI. Vishniakou and J.D. SeeligOptics ExpressPDF
2020Displacement-agnostic coherent imaging through scatter with an
interpretable deep neural network
Y. Li, S. Cheng, Y. Xue and L. Tianarxiv2005.07318v1
2020Full characterization of the transmission properties of a multi-plane
light converter
P. Boucher, A. Goetschy, G. Sorelli, M. Walschaers and N. Trepsarxiv2005.11982v1
2020Near-field transmission matrix microscopy for mapping high-order eigenmodes of subwavelength nanostructuresE. Seo, Y.H. Jin, W. Choi, Y. Jo, S. Lee, K.D. Song, J. Ahn, Q.H. Park, M.K. Kim and W. ChoiNature CommunicationsPDF
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