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2012Energy enhancement in time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing using a photorefractive polymerY. Suzuki, X. Xu, P. Lai and L.V. WangJ. Biomed. Opt.
2012Maximal energy transport through disordered media with the implementation of transmission eigenchannelsM. Kim, Y. Choi, C. Yoon, W. Choi, J. Kim, Q.H. Park and W. ChoiNat. Photon.
2012Characterization of Multimode Fiber by Selective Mode ExcitationJ. Carpenter and T.D. WilkinsonJournal of Lightwave Technology
2012Genetic algorithm optimization for focusing through turbid media in noisy environmentsD.B. Conkey, A.N. Brown, A.M. Caravaca-Aguirre and R. PiestunOptics Express
2011Controlling light through optical disordered media: transmission matrix approachS.M. Popoff, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, A.C. Boccara and S. GiganNew J. Phys.PDF1107.5285
2011Exploiting the Time-Reversal Operator for Adaptive Optics, Selective Focusing, and Scattering Pattern AnalysisS.M. Popoff, A. Aubry, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, A.C. Boccara and S. GiganPhys. Rev. Lett.PDF1108.2449
2011Active spatial control of plasmonic fieldsB. Gjonaj, J. Aulbach, P.M. Johnson, A.P. Mosk, L. Kuipers and A. LagendijkNat. Photon.PDF1304.1358
2011Frequency bandwidth of light focused through turbid mediaF. van Beijnum, E.G. van Putten, A. Lagendijk and A.P. MoskOpt. Lett.PDF
2011Scattering Lens Resolves Sub-100 nm Structures with Visible LightE.G. van Putten, D. Akbulut, J. Bertolotti, W.L. Vos, A. Lagendijk and A.P. MoskPhys. Rev. Lett.PDF1103.3643
2011Optimal concentration of light in turbid materialsE.G. van Putten, A. Lagendijk, A.P. MoskJ. Opt. Soc. Am.PDF1001.1066
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