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2011Holographic aberration correction: optimising the stiffness of an optical trap deep in the sampleM. Dienerowitz, G. Gibson, R. Bowman and M. PadgettOpt. ExpressPDF
2011Transmission eigenchannels in a disordered mediumW. Choi, A.P. Mosk, Q.H. Park and W. ChoiPhys. Rev. BPDF
2011Photoacoustic-guided convergence of light through optically diffusive mediaF. Kong, R.H. Silverman, L. Liu, P.V. Chitnis, K.K. Lee and Y.C. ChenOpt. Lett.PDF
2011Shaped two-photon excitation deep inside scattering tissueE. Papagiakoumou, A. Begue, O. Schwartz, D. Oron and V. Emilianiarxiv1109.0160
2011Synthetic aperture microscopy for high resolution imaging through a turbid mediumY. Choi, M. Kim, C. Yoon, T.D. Yang, K.J. Lee and W. ChoiOpt. Lett.PDF
2011Reflections on speckle: old and new resultsC. Dainty and M. ChenProc. SPIEPDF
2011Ultrafast optics: Focusing through scattering mediaA.M. WeinerNat. Photon.
2011Controlling Spatial Coherence in Multimode FibersF. Kong, N.V. Proscia, K.K. Lee and Y.C. Chen Proc. Adapt. Opt.
2011Time Reversal in Subwavelength-Scaled Resonant Media: Beating the Diffraction LimitF. Lemoult, A. Ourir, J. de Rosny, A. Tourin, M. Fink and G. LeroseyInt. J. MSTPDF
2011Imaging through an opaque materialS. Gigan, S. M. Popoff, G. Lerosey, R. Carminati, M. Fink and A.C. Boccara Proc. Novel Techniques in Microscopy
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