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2019Focusing and scanning through scattering media in microsecondsD. Feldkhun, O. Tzang, K. H. Wagner and R. PiestunOpticaPDF
2019Learning Direct and Inverse Transmission Matrices1901.04816v2
2019Raman imaging through multimode sapphire fiberS. Deng, D. Loterie, G. Konstantinou, D. Psaltis and C. MoserOptics ExpressPDF
2019Programming linear quantum networks with a multimode fiberS. Leedumrongwatthanakun, L. Innocenti, H. Defienne, T. Juffmann, Alessandro F., Mauro P. and Sylvain G.arxiv1902.10678v1
2019Rapid broadband characterization of scattering medium using hyperspectral imagingA. Boniface, I. Gusachenko, K. Dholakia and S. GiganOpticaPDF
2019Angular-spectrum modeling of focusing light inside scattering media by optical phase conjugationJ. Yang, J. Li, S. He and L. V. WangOpticaPDF
2019Optimally diverse communication channels in disordered environments with tuned randomnessP. del Hougne, M. Fink and G. LeroseyNature ElectronicsPDF
2019Imaging through scattering media using digital holographyV. R. V, K. Kim, A. S. Somkuwar, Y. K. Park and R. K. SinghOptics Communications
2019Inversion-free image recovery from strong aberration using a minimally sampled transmission matrixK. Park, T. D. Yang, H. J. Kim, T. Kong, J. M. Lee, H. S. Choi, H. J. Chun, B. M. Kim and Y. ChoiScientific ReportsPDF
2019Blind focusing through strongly scattering media using wavefront shaping
with nonlinear feedback
G. Osnabrugge, L.V. Amitonova and I.M. Vellekooparxiv1902.02718v1
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