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2018Improved spot formation for flexible multi-mode fiber endoscope using
partial reflector
R. Y. Gu, E. Chou, C. Rewcastle, O. Levi and J. M. Kahnarxiv1805.07553v1
2018A compressive approach to speckle-based imaging spectroscopyO. L. Muskens, S. Gigan and R. FrenchAlgorithms and Technologies for Multispectral, Hyperspectral, and Ultraspectral Imagery
2018Light scattering control with neural networks in transmission and
A. Turpin, I. Vishniakou and J. D. Seeligarxiv1805.05602v3
2018Superpixel-Based Complex Field Modulation Using a Digital Micromirror Device for Focusing Light through Scattering MediaY. Q. Jia, Q. Feng, B. Zhang, W. Wang, C. Y. Lin and Y. C. DingChinese Physics LettersPDF
2018Optical tweezing using tunable optical lattices along a few-mode silicon waveguideC. Pin, J. B. Jager, M. Tardif, E. Picard, E. Hadji, F. de Fornel and B. CluzelLab on a ChipPDF
2018Self-calibration of lensless holographic endoscope using programmable guide starsR. Kuschmierz, E. Scharf, N. Koukourakis and J. W. CzarskeOptics LettersPDF
2018High-fidelity multimode fibre-based endoscopy for deep-brain in vivo
S. Turtaev, I. T. Leite, T. Altwegg-Boussac, J. M. P. Pakan, N. L. Rochefort and T. Čižmár1806.01654v1
2018Effects of beam coherence on the focusing of laser beam through scattering mediaX. Ji, Z. Chen, X. Hu, L. Wan and J. PuApplied Physics BPDF
2018Deep speckle correlation: a deep learning approach towards scalable imaging through scattering mediaY. Li, Y. Xue and L. TianarxivPDF1806.04139
2018Non-invasive imaging through strongly scattering media based on speckle pattern estimation and deconvolutionZ. Wang, X. Jin and Q. DaiScientific ReportsPDF
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