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2013Measuring Large Optical Transmission Matrices of Disordered MediaH. Yu, T.R. Hillman, W. Choi, J.O. Lee, M.S. Feld, R.R. Dasari and Y. ParkPhys. Rev. Lett.
2013Real-time wavefront shaping through scattering media by all-optical feedbackM. Nixon, O. Katz, E. Small, Y. Bromberg, A.A. Friesem, Y. Silberberg and N. DavidsonNat. Photon.1303.3161
2013Super-resolution photoacoustic imaging through a scattering wallD.B. Conkey, A.M. Caravaca-Aguirre, J.D. Dove, H. Ju, T.W. Murray and R. Piestunarxiv1310.5736
2013Quantitative control over the intensity and phase of light transmitted through highly scattering mediaS. Tripathi and K.C. Toussaint Opt. Express
2013Security of Quantum-Readout PUFs against quadrature based challenge estimation attacksB. Skoric, A.P. Mosk and P.W.H. PinkseInt. J. Quantum Inf.PDF
2013An adaptive total variation image reconstruction method for speckles through disordered mediaC. Gong, X. Shao and T. WuProc. SPIEPDF
2013High contrast three-dimensional photoacoustic imaging through scattering media by localized optical fluence enhancementA.M. Caravaca-Aguirre, D.B. Conkey, J.D. Dove, H. Ju, T.W. Murray and R. PiestunOpt. Express
2013A reconfigurable optical switch exploiting ultrafast control of shaped wavefronts in a multimode nanowire scattering mediumT. Strudley, R. Bruck, B. Mills and O.L. MuskensarxivPDF1312.0267
2013Physical key-protected one-time padR. Horstmeyer, B. Judkewitz, I. Vellekoop, S. Assawaworrarit and C. YangSci. Rep.PDF1305.3886
2013Measurement of the Time-Resolved Reflection Matrix for Enhancing Light Energy Delivery into a Scattering MediumY. Choi, T.R. Hillman, W. Choi, N.Lue, R.R. Dasari, P.T.C. So, W. Choi and Z. YaqoobPhys. Rev. Lett.
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