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2011Focusing and compression of ultrashort pulses through scattering mediaO. Katz, E. Small, Y. Bromberg and Y. SilberbergNat. Photon.PDF1012.0413
2011Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into scattering mediaX. Xu, H. Liu and L.V. WangNat. Photon.PDF
2011Spatio-temporal focusing of an ultrafast pulse through a multiply scattering mediumD.J. McCabe, A. Tajalli, D.R. Austin, P. Bondareff, I.A. Walmsley, S. Gigan and B. ChatelNat. Commun.PDF1101.0976
2011Hologram transmission through multi-mode optical fibersR. Di Leonardo and S. BianchiOpt. ExpressPDF
2011Imaging with second-harmonic radiation probes in living tissueR. Grange, T. Lanvin, C.L Hsieh, Y. Pu and D. PsaltisBiomed. Opt. ExpressPDF
2011Hidden black: coherent enhancement of absorption in strongly scattering mediaY.D. Chong and A.D .StonePhys. Rev. Lett.1108.0979
2011Holographic aberration correction: optimising the stiffness of an optical trap deep in the sampleM. Dienerowitz, G. Gibson, R. Bowman and M. PadgettOpt. ExpressPDF
2011Transmission eigenchannels in a disordered mediumW. Choi, A.P. Mosk, Q.H. Park and W. ChoiPhys. Rev. BPDF
2011Photoacoustic-guided convergence of light through optically diffusive mediaF. Kong, R.H. Silverman, L. Liu, P.V. Chitnis, K.K. Lee and Y.C. ChenOpt. Lett.PDF
2011Shaped two-photon excitation deep inside scattering tissueE. Papagiakoumou, A. Begue, O. Schwartz, D. Oron and V. Emilianiarxiv1109.0160
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