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2011Time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into tissue-mimicking media with thickness up to 70 mean free pathsH. Liu, X. Xu, P. Lai and L.V. WangJ. Biomed. Opt.
2011Reflection-mode time-reversed ultrasonically encoded optical focusing into turbid mediaP. Lai, X. Xu, H. Liu, Y. Suzuki and L.V. WangJ. Biomed. Opt.
2010Scattered light fluorescence microscopy: imaging through turbid layersI.M. Vellekoop and C.M. AegerterOpt. Lett.PDF
2010Measuring the transmission matrix in optics: an approach to the study and control of light propagation in disordered mediaS.M. Popoff, G. Lerosey, R. Carminati, M. Fink, A.C. Boccara and S. GiganPhys. Rev. Lett.PDF0910.5436
2010Image Transmission Through an Opaque MaterialS.M. Popoff, G. Lerosey, M. Fink, A.C. BoccaraNat. Commun.PDF1005.0532
2010In situ wavefront correction and its application to micromanipulationT. Cizmar, M. Mazilu and K. DholakiNat. Photon.
2010An in vivo study of turbidity suppression by optical phase conjugation (TSOPC) on rabbit earM. Cui, E.J. McDowell and C. YangOpt. ExpressPDF
2010Implementation of a digital optical phase conjugation system and its application to study the robustness of turbidity suppression by phase conjugationM. Cui and C. YangOpt. ExpressPDF
2010Turbidity suppression from the ballistic to the diffusive regime in biological tissues using optical phase conjugationE.J. McDowell, M. Cui, I.M. Vellekoop, V. Senekerimyan, Z. Yaqoob and C. YangJ. Biomed. Opt.PDF
2010Exploiting disorder for perfect focusingI.M. Vellekoop, A. Lagendijk and A.P. MoskNat. Photon.PDF0910.0873
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