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Sébastien Popoff
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CNRS - Institut Langevin - ESPCI
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01/23/2020 07:47:54Waves in Complex Media Thematic School: From Theory to Practice
01/14/2020 15:12:562020 IEEE Summer Topical Meeting Series
12/16/2019 15:28:45PhD (or postdoc) position at Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany)
11/29/2019 15:45:05Control of Quantum and Classical Waves in Complex Media
11/15/2019 11:22:33About mechanical stability using Vialux DMDs
10/24/2019 07:45:19All-fiber wavefront shaping by transmission matrix engineering
10/21/2019 08:33:13Generate macropixel patterns for SLMs/DMDs with Python
10/05/2019 12:37:56Setting up a DMD: Aberration effects
06/22/2019 08:19:01Wavefront Shaping in Complex Media for Linear Analog Computation
05/25/2019 09:51:29Compare bending methods for MMF simulations using pyMMF
05/22/2019 12:01:05Semidefinite Programming for intensity only estimation of the transmission matrix
05/19/2019 11:31:42Complex valued neural networks for physics applications
05/13/2019 07:53:00The speckle-correlation scattering matrix
05/08/2019 07:56:05PhD Positions at PhLAM (Lille, France)
04/15/2019 13:18:37Wavefront shaping in complex media for analog computation [highlight]
02/18/2019 17:50:31pyMMF: Step index benchmark
02/18/2019 16:35:56Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp 2019
02/14/2019 11:16:25PIERS2019 Rome Special Sessions Disordered Photonics
02/08/2019 14:06:26Imaging in Wave Physics: Multi-Wave and Large Sensor Networks 2019
12/21/2018 13:29:18Simulation of multimode fiber modes: Bent fibers
12/13/2018 14:32:51Simulation of multimode fiber modes: Straight fibers
09/21/2018 09:14:42How to calibrate linearly aligned nematic liquid crystal based SLMs
09/14/2018 09:58:42PhD candidate at University of Queensland
09/14/2018 09:53:11Postdoctoral position at University Of Queensland
04/10/2018 08:10:04OIP'21 : Optics for information processing in the 21th century
02/26/2018 10:52:17Complex 2018 Summer School
08/31/2017 09:11:39Complex Photonics Lab is recruiting
05/21/2017 20:14:19From the compensation to the exploitation of randomness - CLEO 2017 - S.M. Popoff
02/15/2017 13:00:39[Event] Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp 2017
01/16/2017 12:50:34[Event] Spatio-Temporal Control of Waves : From Imaging to Sensing 2017
12/09/2016 08:41:42Postdoctoral position at University Of Queenland
11/26/2016 10:18:15Controlling Light in Complex Media
10/20/2016 20:01:45Setting up a DMD: Diffraction effects
10/17/2016 14:22:33Control a Vialux DMD with Python
10/09/2016 19:46:14Easy generation of Laguerre Gauss beam with Python and an SLM
10/04/2016 08:12:31Postdoctoral position in Light Control in Multimode Fibers
08/08/2016 13:44:50PhD position in Light Control in Multimode Fibers
07/22/2016 09:59:51Vacancy PhD in Imaging in Scattering Media
03/02/2016 12:09:32[Talk, French] Démons de Loschmidt, Ondes et Holographie [
12/09/2015 13:11:55How to control a liquid crystal SLM with Python
11/03/2014 10:19:43A microwave spatial modulator to improve in-home WiFi
10/24/2014 10:58:29Modes of step index multimode fibers
10/17/2014 10:16:53How to use a binary amplitude Deformable Miror Device (DMD) as a phase modulator: The superpixel method
07/01/2014 10:37:00From diffusive to ballistic-like transport in absorbing random media
05/13/2014 12:44:47Photoacoustic Imaging with Coherent Light - Emmanuel Bossy - Feb 2014
02/16/2014 05:13:55Generate bibtex file
02/04/2014 16:42:27CNRS Summer school "Waves and disorder"
01/17/2014 17:51:22OSA Incubator Meeting "Controlled Light Propagation through Complex Media"
11/14/2013 22:44:00Plasmonics for Beam Shaping and Wavefront Engineering - SPIE Photonics West - Federico Capasso - Feb 2012
11/14/2013 03:15:29Time reversed acoustics - Technion 2004 - Mathias Fink
11/13/2013 21:17:00Imaging through opaque layers - TEDXTWENTEU - Simon Huisman - Sep 2013
10/10/2013 22:16:04Off-axis holography
09/08/2013 22:23:30Imaging with nature: Using a scattering medium as a universal scrambler for imaging by compressed sensing
07/16/2013 22:43:06Spatio-temporal control of light in complex media - PhD defense Sébastien Popoff - 14/12/2011
07/14/2013 22:36:36Control of random lasing by wavefront shaping of the pump
07/13/2013 19:01:21Introduction
07/05/2013 03:18:22How to use a binary amplitude Deformable Miror Device (DMD) as a phase modulator: Lee hologram method
06/14/2013 02:02:28Noninvasive measure of the transmission matrix in scattering media using the photo-acoustic effect
05/12/2013 23:18:43 Subwavelength light focusing through a scattering medium
05/04/2013 01:39:20How to characterize and calibrate a phase only SLM
04/28/2013 23:47:22From the bimodal distribution to the quarter circle law
04/26/2013 15:41:18Retrieving an optical scale resolution with light focusing guided by ultrasound
04/24/2013 00:19:38 A pioneer experiment
04/18/2013 19:19:36How to control a SLM with Matlab/Octave using Psychtoolbox

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