Summer school "Waves and disorder"

Ecole thématique du CNRS

30 June - 12 July 2014 

 The Institute of Scientific Studies

Cargèse, France

Hosted by: Sergey Skipetrov (Grenoble, France), Frank Scheffold (Fribourg, Switzerland), Diederik Wiersma (Florence, Italy)

Institut d'études scientifiques de Cargèse

Link: here

Topic Overview:

GDR MésoImage, the European Laboratory for Nonlinear Spectroscopy (Italy) and the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) organize a summer school "Waves and disorder". The school will take place at The Institute of Scientific Studies of Cargese (Corsica, France) from June 30 to July 12, 2014. The school will be focused on fundamental and applied aspects of wave propagation in disordered media. Its main distinctive feature will be the common view on the problems concerning different types of waves : light, sound, elastic and matter waves. The subject of wave propagation in disordered media is strongly interdisciplinary because in the presence of disorder all waves behave in a similar way. Widely known examples of this universality in behavior are diffusive propagation (Ohm’s law for conductors), universal conductance fluctuations (observed for electrons, light, and microwaves), Anderson localization (studied with electronic, optical, micro- and matter waves). The school will introduce in detail the theoretical concepts developed for the description of random wave propagation and then will illustrate their application in a variety of modern research domains spanning from laser physics and acoustics to biomedical optics. The community of physicists and engineers working in this field has realized the advantage of analyzing these problems in an interdisciplinary context and previous summer schools and conferences on this topic have demonstrated the success of such an approach.

Main topics:

  • Waves
  • Disorder
  • Multiple scattering
  • Wave diffusion
  • Mesoscopic physics
  • Anderson localization
  • Random laser
  • Photonic bandgaps
  • Biomimetic optical materials
  • Optical probes of complex materials
  • Imaging


  • Denis Basko (Grenoble) - Anderson localization in the presence of nonlinearity
  • Hui Cao (Yale) - Random lasers : physics and applications
  • Remi Carminati (Paris) - Near-field effects in multiple scattering
  • Dominique Delande (Paris) - Kicked rotator and Anderson localization with cold atoms
  • Marian Florescu (Surrey) - Hyperuniform disordered photonic solids
  • Vincent Josse (Palaiseau) - Anderson localization of matter waves
  • Thomas Mason (Los Angeles) - Optical microrheology
  • Allard Mosk (Twente) - Focusing light through disordered media
  • John Page (Winnipeg) - Probing Anderson transition with elastic waves
  • Jorge Ripoll (Madrid) - Biomedical imaging with diffuse light
  • Robin Kaiser (Nice) - Multiple scattering of light by cold atoms
  • Juan Jose Saenz (Madrid) - Random matrix and related approaches to multiple scattering
  • Mordechai Segev (Haifa) - (Super-)diffusion and localization in optics
  • Bart van Tiggelen (Grenoble) - Multiple wave scattering and Anderson localization
  • Arnaud Tourin (Paris) - Ultrasound in random media : time reversal and more
  • Silvia Vignolini (Cambridge) - Photonic structures in nature
  • Diederik Wiersma (Florence) - Disordered materials for photovoltaic applications

Link: here

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