Spatio-Temporal Control of Waves: From Imaging to Sensing 2017


Summer school

April 24 - April 28 2017

 The Institute of Scientific Studies

Cargèse, France

Hosted by: Alexandre Aubry, Geoffroy Lerosey and Romain Pierrat (Langevin Institute, Paris, France)

Institut d'études scientifiques de Cargèse

Link: here


Amongst numerous communities and fields of research related to wave physics, scientists share the same goal of exploring and understanding what surrounds them, from the very small scale of the atom to the infinite one of the universe. Throughout these disciplines, although different types of waves, spatial scales or propagation media require specific instruments and methods, some key concepts are clearly of common interests. For instance, the physics of wave propagation in complex, scattering and structured media is at the heart of various research fields such as metamaterials and crystals, Anderson localization in fundamental physics, or bio-imaging in applied physics. Similarly, arrays of sensors are being more and more used in domains ranging from ultrasound imaging or optics, to those of seismology or radio-astronomy. Furthermore, all these research fields are clearly working towards very similar goals related to the control of wave propagation, through the concept of time reversal or wave-front shaping, or to their signal processing counterparts, namely, the notions of cross-correlation imaging or compressive sensing.

The aim of this summer school is to create bridges between these various areas of research by gathering their most inspiring scientists in the beautiful village of Cargèse in Corsica. This will permit them to share and confront the concepts developed in their own fields of research with others, which will hopefully lead to many fruitful discussions and collaborations. A specific effort will be made to target the younger audience. It will allow PhD students and young scientist to acquire a solid and broad knowledge of wave physics from the best experts worldwide.



  • Multimode fibers Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University
  • Acoustic metamaterials Pr. Steven Cummer – Duke university
  • Compressed sensing Pr. Yonina Eldar – Technion University
  • Matrix approach of wave imaging through complex media Pr. Mathias Fink – ESPCI Paris
  • From transport to diffusion Pr. Ad Lagendijk – University of Twente
  • Dynamic light scattering Pr. Georg Maret – University of Konstanz
  • Topological insulators Pr. Fabrice Mortessagne – CNRS – LPMC, Nice
  • Wave-front shaping Pr. Allard Mosk – Utrecht University
  • Acoustic waves in complex media Pr. John Page – University of Manitoba
  • Transformation optics Pr. John Pendry – Imperial College
  • Mesoscopic scattering meets wave control Pr. Stefan Rotter – Vienna University of Technology
  • Near-field optics and multiple scattering Pr. Juan José Sáenz – DIPC, San Sebastian
  • Anderson localization Dr. Sergey Skipetrov – CNRS – LPMMC, Grenoble
  • Electromagnetic metamaterials Pr. David Smith – Duke University
  • Random matrix theory applied to wave transport Pr. Douglas Stone – Yale University
  • Photonic band gap crystals Pr. Willem Vos – University of Twente
  • Mesoscopic Physics with Cold Atoms Dr. Thomas Wellens – University of Freiburg


Link: here


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