Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp 2017


25 to 28 July 2017

 Cumberland Lodge

Windsor Great Park, Berkshire, UK

Hosted by: Jacopo Bertolotti (University of Exeter, UK), Otto Muskens (Southampton University, UK), Sylvain Gigan (LKB-ENS, France), Riccardo Sapienza (King’s College London, UK)

Institut d'études scientifiques de Cargèse

Link: here


Bringing together early career scientists, data artists and science editors.

The Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp will take place near London (UK) from 25th-28th of July 2017, an unconventional gathering (there's a reason we called it a 'camp' and not a conference) in an exceptional setting: the Cumberland Lodge (a royal mansion built in 1647, in the middle of Windsor Park). The aim of the 'camp' is to bring together ~60 early-career scientists in the field of photonics, but also science writers and editors, in an unconventional format, mixing contributed and invited talks, seminars and debates, to present and discuss the latest research and future directions of the field in an open atmosphere, and help developing the community of complex nanophotonics. Scientific topics will include, Bio-sensing and imaging in complex media, Nano-optics of complex media, Quantum-optics of complex systems and Complex photonic materials. The evening debates will focus on open access, big data visualization for science, science communication and social media tools for scientists.




  • Juan Jose Saenz, DIPC San Sebastian
  • Monika Ritsch-Marte, Medical University of Innsbruck
  • Miles Padgett, University of Glasgow


  • Isabelle Staude, Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena
  • Harish Bhaskaran, University of Oxford
  • Rachel Grange, ETH Zurich
  • Zubin Jacob, Purdue University
  • Kevin Vynck, Institut d'Optique Bordeaux
  • Ori Katz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Yidong Chong, NTU Singapore
  • Bodo Wilts, University of Freiburg
  • Adam Eggebrecht, Washington University

Debates speakers

  • Anders Hoff,
  • Philip Moriarty, University of Nottingham
  • John Hammersley,
  • Sybil Wong,


Link: here


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