PIERS2019 Rome Focus/Special Sessions

Disordered Photonics

June 17th - June 20th 2019

Faculty of Engineering - University of Rome "La Sapienza"

Rome, Italy

Organizers: Dr. Pedro David Garcia Fernandez (Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology - ICN2) and Dr. Jacopo Bertolotti (University of Exeter)


Link: here

Session Overview:

Precision is a virtue in science in general and nanotechnology in particular where carefully fabricated nanometer-scale devices hold great promise in both classical and quantum regimes. In Nature, however, functionality is optimized not necessarily through symmetry. In this session, we will discuss the most recent achievements in the field of disorder photonics topics and we welcome contributions from a wide range of topics such as light transport, imaging, single emitters and lasing, and other applications of multiple scattering in complex media.


Confirmed Speakers:

  • Prof. Hui Cao - (Yale University) - Transverse localization of transmission eigenchannels in diffusive slabs.
  • Prof. Sylvain Gigan - (Sorbonne Université, Paris) - Light propagation in complex media, meets signal processing: from Imaging to optical computing.
  • Dr. Riccardo Sapienza - (Imperial College London) - Nanophotonic lasers on a graph.
  • Dr. Sophie Brasselet - (Institut Fresnel) - Nonlinear frequency mixing imaging through highly scattering biological tissues.
  • Dr. Marco Leonetti - (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Nanotec) - An experimental test for the Anderson localization of light.
  • Dr. Barbara Fazio - (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - IPCF) – Raman scattering in complex materials.
  • Prof. Young L. Kim – (Purdue University) – Anderson light localization in natural and biological media.
  • Dr. Valentina Krachmalnicoff - (Institut Langevin) - Super-resolved single-molecule mapping of the local density of states.
  • Prof. Xiaobo Yin – (University of Colorado - Boulder) – Photoacoustic imaging through random diffusive media with super-resolving meta-lens.
  • Prof. Rafael Piestum - (University of Colorado - Boulder) - Real-time mode control for compressive imaging through multimode fibers.
  • Prof. Massimo Gurioli - (LENS - Florence) - Imaging and control of photonics modes from photonic cavities to disordered modes.

Deadline for submissions: Feb 15th 2019.

Deadline for registration: Feb 15th March.


Link: here



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