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2020Improving Depth Sensitive Fluorescence Spectroscopy With Wavefront Shaping by Spectral and Spatial FilteringC.-M. Hsieh, M. Verma and Q. LiuIEEE Access
2020Structured light beams created through a multimode fiber via virtual Fourier filtering based on digital optical phase conjugationC. Ma, J. Di, J. Dou, P. Li, F. Xiao, K. Liu, X. Bai and J. ZhaoApplied Optics
2020Intelligently optimized digital optical phase conjugation with particle swarm optimizationZ. Cheng, J. Yang and L.V. WangOptics Letters
2020Time multiplexed super resolution of multicore fiber endoscope using multimode fiber illumination patternsO. Herman, O. Wagner, N. Shabairou and Z. ZalevskyOptical Fiber Technology
2020Wavefront-shaping-based correction of optically simulated cataractsA. Arias and P. ArtalOptica
2020Laguerre-Gaussian mode sorters of high spatial mode countN.K. Fontaine, R. Ryf, H. Chen, D.T. Neilson, K. Kim and J. CarpenterAdvances in Optical Astronomical Instrumentation 2019
2020Polarization Transmission Matrix for Completely Polarization Control of Focal Spots in Speckle Field of Multimode FiberW. Fan, Z. Chen, L. Chen, L. Wu, X. Ji and J. PuIEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics
2020Experimental realization of optimal energy storage in resonators embedded in scattering mediaP. Hougne, R. Sobry, O. Legr, . , F. Mortessagne, U. Kuhl and M. Davyarxiv2001.04658v1
2020Focusing light through scattering media by reinforced hybrid algorithmsY. Luo, S. Yan, H. Li, P. Lai and Y. ZhengAPL Photonics
2020Learning-based method to reconstruct complex targets through scattering medium beyond the memory effectE. Guo, S. Zhu, Y. Sun, L. Bai, C. Zuo and J. HanOptics Express
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