Wavefront shaping techniques in complex media


[job offer] PhD (or postdoc) position: Micro­scope Design for Deep Brain Ima­ging

Judkewitz Lab, Charité and Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany





[job offer] Multiple PhD positions in optical communications and fiber imaging

Center for Laser Physics, Atomes and Molecules (PhLAM), Lille, France 



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Optical communications: Towards a better understanding of light scattering and mode coupling mechanisms in few mode optical fibers - Link

Optical communications: Multimodal photonics - dynamic characterization of the transmission channel of a few-mode optical fiber - Link

Advanced THz photonics: Beam manipulation with optical-RF antenna arrays at THz frequencies for point-to-point communication applications - Link

Ultra-miniaturized endoscopes: Specialty optical fiber for ultraminiaturized biomedical endoscopes - Link



Complex Photonics Lab is recruiting MSc, PhD and Postdocs

Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

We are looking for excellent and highly motivated students and postdocs. Research projects for 3rd and 2nd year BSc students are also available.

More information: here

PhD position in Light Control in Multimode Fibers

Langevin Institute, ESPCI Paris, France

We have a PhD position available in the Waves Control in Complex Media group of the Langevin Institute (ESPCI Paris) about wavefront shaping and light propagation in multimode fibers. 

[UPDATE] Starting Date:  June to October 2017

The candidate should have a Master’s degree in Optical Engineering, Physics, Computer Sciences, Applied Mathematics, or a related field. As the project involves experimental, theoretical and simulation works, the candidate should demonstrate multidisciplinary skills. An experience in one or more of those fields would be appreciated: computational imaging or digital signal processing, physics of light scattering or waveguides, manipulation of matrices, experimental optics or optical communications.

More information: here

PhD position in Imaging in Scattering Media

University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

Within the Biomedical Photonic Imaging research group of MIRA – the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine we have a PhD position in the research area of complex wavefront shaping and deep-tissue microscopy.

We are looking for an excellent student with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Sciences, Applied Mathematics, or related field. You should have a demonstrated strong experience in e.g. computational imaging, statistical inference, or light scattering physics. Moreover, you should have a strong affinity for experimental work; experimental experience in optics is a pre.

More information: here


PhD in Dynamic Nanophotonics 

University of Twente, Netherlands

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Job Description Vacancy

Type: Ph.D. Student with full salary (48 months)

Qualifications: Recent M.Sc. in Physics, Electrical Engineering or related discipline with good grades. Demonstrated strong interest in physics of light.

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